F1 Watch Party

Any F1 fans out there? In that case it’s lights out and away we go! The Exchange Committee (EC) is hosting a watch party at Casa for this week’s Dutch Grand Prix 2021, so anyone up for some race action is more than welcome!

The race is scheduled to start at 16:00 (4 pm) Finnish local time, so arrive a bit earlier to avoid missing the start! Bring your own snacks and beverages, we offer the atmosphere and the screen. We’ll be watching the race at Casa, Hankens own party place.

Hopefully we’ll see you there 🏎️🏁

🚩Please note that there are limited places available and sign-up through the link is required in order to participate🚩 Link: https://forms.gle/ueEzMhWjoQoKuNuw9

Questions can be sent to EC Vice president Thomas Thijssen (thomas.thijssen@shs.fi) or EC president Rebecca Laaksonen (rebecca.laaksonen@shs.fi).