Masters Committee

Masters Committee

Hey there!

We are the Master’s Committee of the student union and we represent all the master’s students in Helsinki. We guide students through study practicalities and organise corporate and social events to integrate them into student life at Hanken. We want you to have an international study experience by making contacts from all around the world, great memories, friends for life, and get a start on your future career.

In our group we have 12 students who all want to make the most out of their last years at Hanken by getting to know their fellow students, organize corporate and sports events, as well as parties. Additionally, new students receive a tutor who helps out with integrating with the program. The Masters’ Committee organizes a wide variety of events and we like to try anything new! We will be recruiting new students to join our group in November if you are interested in participating yourself. If you have any ideas about events you would like to plan with us, or in case you have any questions please contact our president Rita Merisalo.

Master’s degree students can stay up to date about our events on Hanken Helsinki Master’s Students 2018/2019 Facebook group.

Email at

Rita Merisalo