Masters Committee

Masters Committee

Hey there!

A warm welcome to our page from me, Ramona Teinilä, the president of SHS Masters’ Committee 2021. 

What is Masters’ Committee?
Shortly put, we are here to be a factor enriching your Hanken experience. We are a group of 16 Master students studying Accounting, Economics, Finance, Humanitarian Logistics, Intellectual Property Rights, International Strategy and Sustainability and Marketing, so basically we are from all majors taught at the Hanken Helsinki campus!

So, we are here to:

  • Represent all Hanken Master’s students in Helsinki
  • Communicate Master’s interests to Hanken administration and SHS
  • Promote social integration of Master’s students (especially new students)
  • Maintain connection between Finnish students and internationals
  • Connect Master’s students to corporate world

How can you reach us?




Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any reason!

Ramona Teinilä 

President Masters’ Committee 2021