Masters Committee

Masters Committee

Welcome, we are SHS Masters’ Committee!

SHS Masters’ Committee (“MC”) is a committee of master’s students, by master’s students, for all Hanken students. We are a group of 21 enthusiastic master’s students who want to make both our own and everyone else’s time at Hanken as a member of SHS as fun and unforgettable as we can possibly make it.

MC is a fantastic melting pot of people, with its members representing eight different major subjects and people originating from three continents across the globe – as a consequence we are a very friendly and welcoming group. Our events are always in English, although many of us speak Swedish and Finnish too, as well as many other languages. So at our events you have a broad selection of a lingua franca.

We organise many social events – including park picnics, afterworks, sitzes, and many other fun activities and events – as well as career and networking opportunities. These events, although in particular for master’s students, are generally open to all SHS members, whether they be Hanken students at bachelor’s or master’s level, or even on exchange. A peculiarity of MC events is that they tend to have more international people than the average SHS event, so if you want to travel the world without leaving Casa, MC events are the place for you!


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