On this page you will find more information regarding how SHS is managed.

The Office

The Student Union’s office can be found on Casa Academica’s second floor. The Student union has two employees; the Secretary General and the Financial and Administrative Secretary. In addition to SHS staff, you can also find the Executive Board in the office.

The Student Union also has a reception room at Hanken, called Student Union’s Booth. The Booth is located in the Forest area, near the IB bookshop. You retrieve get your sticker for your student ID card from the booth. We can also assist you in matters related to your Frank student card, and other questions or concerns you may have about the Student Union.

The Student Union booth opening hours

The Student Union is following guidelines of the Finnish government and the university and therefore the Student Union booth is closed until May 13th, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. If you have questions or concerns in regards to your Student ID card, please contact the

Secretary General:

Please note that you can also use the Frank App as your student identification: Frank App

You can also contact us and schedule an appointment by emailing

Need your money back for something?


Secretary general

Kristiane Width
Phone +358449895659
Regarding invoicing:

Financial- and administrative secretary
Alexander Therman

The Executive Board

This years board consists of a mix of Student Union actives with varying backgrounds. We have a lot of experience from the student union and we wish to make this year great for you.

The Student council

The Student Council is the highest decision making body in the Student Union and consists of 20 members who are elected by secret, proportional elections every autumn. The Student Council has a presidium which consist of the president, vice president and second vice president. The Student Council’s most important duties consist of deciding the budget for the Student Union, the Student Union fee, the business plan, and making the big, strategic decisions for the Student Union. Furthermore the Student Council elects the President of the board, approves the board members and duties as well as oversees the board’s work. The Students Council meets roughly once a month throughout the school year. The meetings are open for all members of the Student Union, which means that everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. All student union members, can together with nine (9) other members, give the Student Council a motion that is has to address on the next upcoming meeting.

If you want to influence the Student Council’s work or decisions, the easiest way is to remember to vote in the yearly elections, taking place in the autumn, or why don’t run as a candidate yourself! At other times you can always be in touch with the candidate you voted for or to the President directly. If you want to be sure that the council will take your matter into consideration you should, as a student at Hanken and member of the Student Union, gather a minimum of 9 others and leave a written proposal to the council, as mentioned before. Then, the council is required to process your matter.

The Student Council has representatives from both Helsinki and Vaasa campuses, the seats are decided depending on the election result.

In case you have any questions, wonderings, opinions or feedback – don’t hesitate to contact the president or anyone else from the presidium. I encourage all student union members to actively follow up the student council’s decisions (summaries and protocols can be found at since many of them affects SHS members. I hope that the coming year will consist of open discussions via which we can work for an even better student union. SHS catch-phrase is “Finland’s funniest Student Union” and I want everyone to feel like that is true and I want everyone at the student union to work with this in mind.

Hopefully I will see you and hear from you during the upcoming year!

Henna Konsti, President

Lydia Nystén, Vice President

Linn Björkholm, second Vice President and President of the Grand Committee inside the Student Council