Corporate Cooperation

Corporate Cooperation

As a Hanken student and SHS member, you have excellent opportunities to network with interesting employers throughout your studies. There are a wide variety of events where you can meet companies and get acquainted with their representatives. As a student it is highly recommended to make use of these opportunities and get a small head start into working life. Within SHS it’s the Business Committee that takes care of the contact between the student union and corporations.

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Our partners

SHS collaborates closely with companies in Finland and the Nordics to help our members and partners find each other in the corporate life. You can stay up to date about exciting career opportunities and events by following SHS, the Business Committee and our partner companies on social media. Read more about our partners on the Partners page!

Our main partners

The Business Committee

The Business Committee (NU) takes care of the student union’s cooperation with businesses and we function as the link between students and companies. In other words, our task is to help companies reach their potential workforce and to help Hanken students find their dream jobs. NU also makes sure that SHS members can utilize a series of student discounts through the SHS Benefits program.

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