Equality and harrasment

Equality and harrasment

Hi everyone!

We are the equality- and harassment ombudsmen for this year! We are here to help, support and take cases concerning equality and harassment, that comes to our knowledge, forward. Our names are Alexandra Eriksson and Daniel Hasselström. We are both in the 2021 Executive Board.

Our student union’s slogan is “The funnest student union in Finland” and we are here to make sure that everyone feels this way. No one should feel like they are being treated badly or be offended in any way. All our members are equally important and meaningful and everybody should be treated accordingly. We strive to be a student union where everyone feels welcome.

If you feel mistreated in any way, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We want to point out that no issue is too small. The easiest way to get in contact with us is by emailing us at equality@shs.fi. If you or someone you know is being targeted, please let us know. You can also come and talk to us in person if that feels better. You can of course also get in contact with us via our personal emails alexandra.eriksson@shs.fi and daniel.hasselstrom@shs.fi. Also important to point out is that all matters brought up to us are confidential and no information will be shared.

For an equal and harassment free student union!

Alexandra Eriksson, Daniel Hasselström