The Studen Union Office

The Student Union Office

Who is at the SHS office!

Welcome to the Student Union’s office! Among us friends, we just call this place ‘kåren’. Here you can find the employees of the Student Union, which consists of the Secterary General and the Financial and Administrative secterary. You might also find a member of the Executive Board hanging out at ‘kårens’ couches.

How do you find your way to the office?

Literally around the corner from Hanken! The adress is Hietaniemenkatu 7A, kerros 2.

Opening hours of ‘Kårens Koppi’

The Student Union also has a working space at Hanken, known as Kårens Koppi. It is located downstairs, next to the IB bookstore. Here you can retrieve your student card sticker at the beginning of each term. You can also get help in questions regarding your Frank Student ID card. We are more than happy to help with other questions or concerns you might have about the Student Union or its operative work!

Questions regarding billing, please contact Financial- and administrative Secretary at

Questions regarding the Student Union in general, contact the Secterary General, at or by calling +358 45148 2377