Student representation

Student representation is about making sure that students’ interests regarding studies, education, examination, reforms and other matters at Hanken are taken into account. To do this, the Student Union is legally entitled to student representation at different levels of the University’s decision making.

The work is coordinated within the Education Committee, where all approximately 40 student representatives are members and the committee is led by the member of the Executive Board responsible for Educational Affairs.

Our students are represented in the following bodies at Hanken:
The Education Council (part of the Academic Council)
The University Council
– The Department Councils: The Department Council of Finance and Economics, the Department Council of Management and Organisation, the Department Council of Marketing and Logistics and the Department Council of Accounting and Commercial Law
The Direction of the Centre for Languages and Business Communication
The Board of Hanken
The Board of Appeal
– Working groups and others

External advocacy

The Student Union also advocates for its interests externally. The areas of responsibilities are mainly academic affairs, social affairs, municipal and international matters. External advocacy is primarily the task of the Executive Board.

These external interests are regulated through the cooperation of larger organisations and forums. Stakeholders in social affairs issues are FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service), HOAS (Housing) and OLL (Sport union for students).

Regarding academic affairs, the Student Union works together with other student unions and SYL (National Union of university students in Finland). In regards to municipal matters, SHS is a member of the World Student Capital network.

SHS also has a lot of collaboration outside of Finland and is part of networks like the Nordic Board, to increase the cooperation between different countries and students.