Booking calendar

Booking calendar

In the calendar underneath, you can see the different spaces of Casa that are booked by SHS members or KSO. It is recommended that you change the calendar view to Viikko to get a better understanding of what is happening per week. If you are interested in booking Casa’s different spaces (SEB meeting room, Parking place 1 (SHS) or 2 (von Wendt), Casa, Femman, Legenda or Sauna, please follow the instructions below:


1. A requirement is that you have an SHS email address (contact the Executive Board member in charge of communications if you do not have one yet)

2. Open google calendars ( and press the plus button by “other calendars” and “subscribe” to a new calendar:

3. On the left side press SHS Bokningar (before Bokningar Kåren) so that the check box is filled in. Now you should be able to see when SEB/Parking place/Casa/Legenda/Femman/Sauna is booked.

4. If you want to book SEB/Parking place/Casa/Legenda/Femman/Sauna, make an event in google calendars and write in the title of the event SEB/Parking place/Casa/Legenda/Femman so that I know what you want to book and invite (NB! Not as a guest to the event. Write in the description information about the event. When you create the event, when prompted with the question ”Would you like to send invitation emails to Google Calendar guests” —> press YES so that I get a notification.

5. SHS bokningar will be created beside your event but will not be coloured in. When SHS bokningar is coloured in, it means that I have accepted your request and the space is booked for you now.

6. Now SEB/Parking place/Casa/Legenda/Femman/Sauna is booked for you! In the future you just need to open google calendars.

If you have any questions or something went wrong, please contact