Elders’ Council

Elders’ Council

The Elders’ Council is an advisory body which is entitled to report and submit proposals to the Executive Board and the Student Council.

The Elders’ Council consists of its President and three to five members, who are experienced student union actives that have most likely held a number of positions of trust at SHS.

The Elders’ Council functions as the student union’s senior advisors, and have the role of advising and supporting the student union’s current persons in charge. In addition to fostering continuity within the student union’s operations and governance, the Elders’ Council keeps an eye on the implementation of SHS’ vision, mission and strategy.

The Elders’ Council 2021: Julius Tallqvist (President), Alina Anderson (Vice President), Andreas Lindén, Erika Storfors, Eliott Tallqvist, Fanny Hindsberg.

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Contact: Julius Tallqvist aldremannaradet@shs.fi