Data protection policy

Here you can read more about the Student union of Hanken School of Economics’  data protection policy and methods of handling personal data.

In this data protection policy we describe how the Student Union of the Swedish School of Economics collects, processes and transfers personal data. It also tells you who you can contact if you have questions about your personal data. 

1.Data protection policy for the Student union of Hanken School of Economics. 

The data protection policy applies to the handling of personal data with SHS as data controller on websites, communication and at events. The main principle is that the processing of personal data should be lawful, fair and transparent in order to protect the rights of the data subject.

2.How do we process personal data? 

All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current and applicable legislation on personal data, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

Where we use subcontractors or partners to process personal data, i.e. data processors, we enter into agreements to ensure that the processing fulfills the same requirements as described in this policy.

We protect the personal data we process by means of information security based on risk assessment. Processing is also protected by following good practices based on descriptions and instructions.

Through data protection by design, we take into account the rights of data subjects when implementing IT services and processes. We fulfill the requirement of data protection by default by not processing personal data unnecessarily. 

If a personal data breach does occur, we will report it to the Student Union’s Secretary General and notify you if the breach involves a high risk. Always contact the Secretary General of SHS,, if there has been a personal data breach or if there is a suspicion or high risk that personal data would be leaked in an unauthorised manner.

3.What personal data do we collect? 

On our websites we generally collect information about your IP address and other information about your session, but this information is not linked to your person. If you have logged in as a user on our websites, it creates a trace of what you read and write. 

For communication with you, we collect your postal address and email address. If you are a board member or employee of the student union, we collect and process your personal data in a manner prescribed for employers. 

3.1 Personal data that you provide 

When you register for an event, book a facility, register your interest for a position of trust or sign an agreement with SHS, you will be asked to provide necessary information. 

This information may include: 

  • Student number 
  • Your name 
  • Email and other contact information 
  • Information on diets and allergies
  • Account number
  • Request for table location 
  • Membership and/or positions of trust within one or more associations 
  • Other information that you have provided or that has been disclosed with your consent

3.2 Personal data provided to the SHS 

According to the Universities Act 558/2009 (section 46), all students of a university who have been admitted to study for a lower or higher university degree, with the exception of students participating in contract education, are members of the student union. The University monitors the payment of the membership fee. 

In order to verify student union membership, SHS has access to the student register of Hanken School of Economics (Hanken). The personal data in Hanken’s student register that SHS has access to: 

  • Student number 
  • Name 
  • Contact details (phone number, postal address) 
  • Attendance status / Membership status in the student union 
  • Faculty affiliation 

SHS does not have access to the contact details of persons with protected identity. SHS cannot edit the data in the Hanken student register.

4.For what purposes do we process personal data? 

On our websites, we collect data to customise the service to your preferences and choices.

We need your contact information and some background information about you to be able to communicate with you in the best possible way. 

In order for you to study at Hanken, we register your contact information, your attendance and your academic performance. 

If you are employed at Hanken, we collect legal data from you as an employee.

4.1 Verification of student union membership 

According to the Universities Act 558/2009 (section 46), all students at a university who have been admitted to complete a lower or higher university degree are members of the student union. 

The Swedish School of Economics provides the Student Union with a student register, which includes names, student numbers, contact details and attendance status in the Student Union.

4.2 Organisation of events 

The SHS accepts personal registrations both for events organised solely by the SHS and for events organised in cooperation with other parties. The SHS also sends out invitations to some events. 

4.3 Recruitment and communication 

The task of SHS is to appoint student representatives to various working groups and bodies within and outside Hanken. Since SHS is the interest organisation for students at Hanken, SHS is also responsible for informing elected student representatives about issues that concern them in their assignments. 

4.4 Booking of facilities 

SHS rents out housing and social facilities. SHS also lends equipment.

5.How do we protect your personal data?

SHS does not disclose personal data to third parties. 

6.When do we delete personal data? 

We can delete your personal data upon request if the data relates to marketing or alumni activities. If you are or have been employed by SHS, we have a legal obligation to retain data. Applications sent in meeting materials are not deleted. Applications submitted, but not part of meeting materials, are requested to be deleted after the application process.

6.1 Transfer of personal data 

We do not disclose your data to third parties unless it is a data processor. We do not transfer your data to a third country that does not provide an equivalent level of protection for your personal data.

7. Right to information and right to complain 

You have the right to receive information and file a complaint about how your personal data is processed. In the first instance, contact the Secretary General of the Student Union, or the Chair of the Student Union, 

8. Changes to the data protection policy 

The Student Union continuously develops its activities. Therefore, the data protection policy is updated in line with the development. We encourage you to regularly check the data protection policy to see the possible changes that have been made.