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  • Matrix Sitz
    19:00 -04:00
    3 December, 2022-4 December, 2022

    Come join MC on a journey into the metaphysical on Saturday 3 December at our MATRIX SITZ followed by an OPEN THROWBACKS AFTERPARTY (which is BYOB).⚡️

    “I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it” – Morpheus (The Matrix).

    WHAT❓MC Matrix Sitz and Throwback afterparty
    WHEN❓Saturday 3 December 2022.
    WHERE❓At Casa (Hietaniemenkatu 7, entrance is in the back).
    FOR WHOM❓Anyone.
    ORGANISED BY: SHS Masters’ Committee.

    We hope to see all of you then!😎

    ❗️SITZ INFO❗️
    WHAT❓Matrix sitz.
    TIME❓Doors are open from 19:00 to 19:45, sitz starts at 20:00 sharp.
    Please note that if you arrive later than 19:45 you will not be admitted to the sitz.
    THEME AND DRESS CODE❓The Matrix (no overalls).
    PRICE❓€15 / €12. The price includes a three-course meal with beverages, overall patch, and the afterparty.
    TICKETS❓Get a ticket by
    (1) signing up through this link: https://forms.gle/4nd3LJhdjh6S88D58
    (2) paying for your ticket (Cash or MobilePay to Alex Holmberg +358406416133 with description name + ”Matrix sitz”).

    Tickets are sold on a ‘first paid, first served basis’ (i.e. both signing up and paying) until capacity is reached or latest until Friday 2.12 at 23:59. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable!

    NB!🛑We recommend that you bring a songbook (SHS Sångbok) for the sitz. You can buy one from the IB bookstore! Bring a pen so you can leave notes in your fellow sitz-goers’ books🥳

    WHAT❓Throwback afterparty
    TIME❓Starts at 23:00.
    TICKETS❓€ 3 in exact cash on the door (for people not at the sitz). For people at the sitz, the afterparty is included in the sitz ticket.

    NB!🛑The after-party is BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages) for everyone (whether you are at the sitz or not)! If you bring more than one drink, please have them in a bag, so that it’s easier to store them. MC does not provide drinks for the afterparty, only the Sitz itself.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email MC President Alex Holmberg at alex.holmberg@shs.fi .

    SHS does not condone any form of harassment. Harassment makes you liable to being excluded from the event, a ban from SHS Events, and possible further steps under the SHS disciplinary procedure.

    There will be Support Persons at the event who will be presented at the beginning of the sitz and who will remain completely sober throughout the whole event (both the sitz and the afterparty), whom you can approach if you for any reason feel uncomfortable or need support.

    The main Support Person for this event is MC’s Vice-President, Laura Strömberg, whom you can contact via phone/SMS/whatsapp on +358405469666. You can also contact the SHS Equality & Harassment Delegates confidentially and anonymously (if you wish) at any of the following e-mail addresses: equality@shs.fi , harassment@shs.fi , trakasseri@shs.fi.

  • SHS Tomteverkstad
    18:00 -21:00
    12 December, 2022

    Tipp, tapp, tipp, tapp… :mrs_claus:Vi är halvvägs genom december och julafton närmar sig med stormsteg! Konsten av givmildhet får dig att välkomna julfriden och ger dig möjligheten att komma in i en tipp-tapp-topp julstämning; eller kanske är du inte riktigt än på Julgubbens lista på snälla barn? Hursomhelst, välkommen till Kåren måndagen 12.12 fr.o.m. 18:00 för lite julmys! :christmas_tree: Vi skapar ordentlig julstämning tillsammans genom att paketera gåvor och pyssla julkort, som sedan skickas till barn och åldringar som väntar på dem med iver. Vi bjuder på rejält julmys med film, musik och smått & gott. Ta kompisen i handen och styr stegen mot Kåren :heart:Joulupuu-insamlingen samlar in julklappar till barn och unga som annars kanske skulle bli helt utan julklappar. Alla paket som samlas in levereras till exempel till barn och unga i den lokala socialvården.  Julgransinsamlingen har genomförts varje jul sedan år 2000. Du kan läsa mer om kampanjen här: https://joulupuu.org/osallistu-keraykseen/Siskot & Simot driver kampanjen Julpost Till Åldringar, där de samlar julkort för utdelning i äldreboende och servicehem. I år ordnas kampanjen för tionde gången. Du kan läsa mer om kampanjen här: https://www.siskotjasimot.fi/julpost/

  • Fullmäktigemöte 14/2022
    19:00 -21:00
    13 December, 2022

    Välkommen på fullmäktigemöte tisdagen den 13.12.2022 klockan 19.00!

    Tid: tisdagen den 13.12.2022 kl. 19.00
    Plats: Lärarrummet vån 5 (Hfors) och rum V105 (Vasa)


    • Godkännande av SHS budget 2023
    • Godkännande av SHS verksamhetsplan 2023
    • Val av medlemmar till Svenska ekonomie studenters stiftelses (SESS) styrelse 2023-2024, inklusive sakkunnig 2023-2025

    Alla SHS-medlemmar har rätt att närvara på mötet – välkommen med!

  • Company of the Week: Breakfast with SEB
    09:00 -11:00
    15 December, 2022
    Eteläesplanadi 18

    Welcome to have breakfast with SEB!

    We at SEB warmly welcome SHS members to get to know what it could be like to work at a leading Nordic financial services company! We will organize an excursion for SHS members in our office at Eteläesplanadi 18, on Thursday 15.12.2022 from 9.00 onwards.

    We will start the day with a relaxed breakfast. While enjoying breakfast, we will hear more about SEB and our operations in Finland. After getting familiar with SEB, we will play a fun game together which is also a great way to get to know each other. During the morning you will have plenty of time and opportunities to hear experiences and discuss with our professionals. As the recruitment period for our International Trainee Programme 2023 for graduates ends on 8.1.2023, this will also be a perfect opportunity to come and hear more about it from our previous interns. As we are recruiting to our International Trainee Programme at the time of this event, the event is targeted to students close to graduating. However, everyone interested in SEB is warmly welcome.

    What: Breakfast with SEB

    When: Thursday 15.12.2022 at 9.00-11.00

    Where: SEB Office, Eteläesplanadi 18, 00130 Helsinki

    Who: SHS members, especially 5 th year students. As we are recruiting to our International Trainee Programme at the time of this event, the event is targeted to students close to graduating. However, everyone interested in SEB is warmly welcome.

    Sign-up: https://forms.gle/ovAKSh679q4voJ7o8

    Please note that as the number of spots are limited.

    SEB is a leading northern European financial services group, founded in 1856.