Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 33/2021


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 33/2021

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 20.10.2021 kl 9.00


Daniel Karlsson,  Emma lindvall, Emilia Winqvist, Sebastian Ståhlberg, Anton Nilsson, Alexandra Eriksson, Daniel Hasselström

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Opened vacancies for representatives of the Swedish Economics Students’ Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Notification matters

  • The board has maintained good relations with the executive board of SASSE
  • Partcipated in Herr och Dam, and upheld contact to SASSE
  • Participated in Kårpampen

Daniel Karlsson

  • Participated in SYL’s seminar for the leadership sector in Suomenlinna
  • Meeting with Nordic Board in preparation for Nordic Forum
  • Interview and work in regards to the recruitment of a new Secretary General
  • Participated in a meeting with Hanken’s action group regarding guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic
  • Meeting with “Fyramannarådet”
  • Participated in the inauguration of Handelsgillet’s renovated premises
  • Worked on the medium term financial plan
  • Administrative work and other correspondence

Emma Lindvall

  • Kopolive
  • Meeting with Hanken about feedback dialogues
  • Interview with candidate for Secretary General
  • Coordinated study circles and student representatives
  • Work regarding the recruitment of student representatives to the Board of Hanken

Emilia Winqvist

  • Participated in the Education Council’s meeting and discussed, among other things, the next academic year’s date
  • Visited SASSE in Stockholm
  • Had meetings regarding Sisu communication
  • Maintained social media
  • Answered questions that came to
  • Helped with the website and updated it
  • Prepared for the council meeting
  • Prepared for the verksamhets plan 2022
  • Supervised EC’s rave at Casa
  • Organized event for World Food Day

Alexandra Eriksson

  • ​​FSF
  • Sopo- live
  • Hoas
  • Meeting with Matti Tujula regarding current affairs within Hoas
  • “Nimitysvalmisteluvaliokunta” meeting with representatives from HYY, AYY and two from Hoa’s board
  • SHVS
  • “Eteläiseen alueen johtokunta”
  • Discussed general strategy in the new group
  • Represented SHS in Stockholm at Handels
  • Support Hankeiter
  • Coordinated with the new StödHankeiterna and posted them on the website
  • Planned morning breakfast at Kåren

Daniel Hasselström

  • Planned upcoming events in the Student Union
  • Have had meetings with several committees regarding their upcoming events this fall
  • Planned the student’s independence torchlight parade that will take place on 6.12.2021. SHS will be responsible for the sound and light at the Helsinki Senate Square during the torchlight procession and also fixing 2 guards for the event and I have booked one of them. 
  • Planned the Nordic Forum that will be held on the 9.11-11.11.2021 in Finland together with KY, where the main focus would be to plan the Nordic Forum 2022 and ensure that the tradition does not die out. I have made a registration form, invitation and send out the invitation and booked rooms at Hanken for the event.
  • Coordinated project grant applications
  • Coordinated and planned the Ekonombrevsutdelningen
  • Had a meeting with PK and Hanken and planned Skojrejs
  • Coordinated the invitations to Skojrejs to TF, Codex and Thorax executive boards
  • Coordinated and made a deal with IHD and Hanken. The deal would be that IHD would help in some events in Hanken (ex cloakroom) and then IHD will get paid for it
  • Planned the Student Union Fair that will be held at Hanken the 27.10
  • Planned the Källarkväll
  • Participated in EY:s Company of the Week
  • Participated in Kårpampsmiddagen
  • Helped CN with Herr & Dam and supervised the afterparty
  • Participated in Herr & Dam
  • Visited Sasse in Stockholm

Emilia Donner

  • Planned and executed the first Company of the Week at the Student Union
  • Represented SHS at Handelsgillet
  • Followed up on the overalls order
  • Planned the first meeting of the sponsorship subcommittee
  • Answered Student Union members’ questions about corporate relations-related matters
  • Spoken to a potential successor
  • Planned Nordic Forum

Sebastian Ståhlberg

  • WSC
  • Kopolive
  • Webinar
  • Aluevaalit

Anton Nilsson

  • Coordinate bookings and go through how spaces work with different people.
  • Had a dialogue with KSO regarding our common spaces and how we should be able to arrange parties in two spaces at the same time so that everything goes well.
  • Continued recruitment of a kurator and started a new recruitment of a general secretary.
  • Helped EC organize Casa’s first rave.
  • Participated in the IR meeting for business management and entrepreneurship, review of results was on the agenda.
  • Prepared and further execution of incoming basement evenings.

The meeting was concluded 20.10 at 9:14 am by Chairman Karlsson.