Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 32/2021


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 30/2021

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 29.9.2021 kl 10.00


Daniel Karlsson, Emma lindvall, Emilia Winqvist, Sebastian Ståhlberg, Anton Nilsson, Emilia Donner, Nicolina Massa, Robin Eriksson, Julius Tallqvist, Rasmus Sinnemaa, Emilia Sparf 

The meeting was opened by Chairman Karlsson at 10:04 AM

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

• The board decided on the two people who will be included in the board’s proposal for new student representatives to Hanken’s board which will be presented at SHS council meeting week 42. The decision was made based on the preparatory work done by the recruitment committee and based on the expertise shared by the current student representative.

• The board chose to grant Casa Nostra a project grant of 1,000 € to enable the arrangement of a zillis in connection with the Herr & Damsitzes.

• The Board decided that the next Board meeting, ie Board meeting 33/2021, will exceptionally be held on Wednesday 20.10.2021 at 9:00. 

Notification matters 

  • Member of the Board Nilsson announces that the first “källarkväll” will be arranged on 13.10.2021.
  • Member of the Board Hasselström announces that an equality training for tutors and committee members has been arranged on 12.10.2021.
  • Meeting with Hanken’s Rector

Daniel Karlsson

  • Presented the medium-term economic plan on the Student Council’s “aftonskola”
  • Worked on the medium-term economic plan
  • Participated in UF’s board meeting
  • Participated in Hankendagen
  • Work regarding the recruitment of a new Secretary General
  • Administrative work and other correspondence

Emma Lindvall

  • Coordinated the Education Committee’s participation in the Wellness week and participated in the event
  • Coordinated photo shoot for a picture archive for the Education Committee, INK held the photo shoot
  • Coordinated work regarding the recruitment of student representatives to the Board of Hanken and prepared material to meeting 32/2021 of the Executive Board
  • Coordinated the Education Committee’s participation in the Student Union fair
  • Compared what I have done so far this year with the plan of operations and implementation plan
  • Started looking at a draft of the plan of operations 2022 regarding Educational Affairs
  • Participated in the evening school held by the Student Council
  • Participated in Hankendagen
  • Participated in two days of psychological first aid schooling
  • Student advocacy briefing with the responsible for Social and Academic Affairs in the Board
  • Forwarded feedback that was gathered during the Education Committee’s event during the Wellness Week

Emilia Winqvist

  • Sent out the newsletter
  • Planned world food day event
  • Been in contact with Hanken about sustainability projects
  • Had meetings regarding SISU and communication on the matter
  • Prepared for the evening school
  • Participated in the evening school and presented the communication plan
  • Revised the communication plan according to the comments
  • Helped with problems around the website 
  • Been in contact with Hanken’s IT services
  • Fixed calendar and added events there
  • Promoted events on social media
  • Managed social media with, among other things, monday update 
  • Made new G-suites users

Alexandra Eriksson

  • Participated in sopo-live
  • Talked about FPA, among other things
  • Organized and arranged with Alexandra Ohls who had a workshop at the student union during the well-being week
  • Organized with “Coffee and chill with Elsa at the student union”
  • Interest monitoring briefing
  • The university in motion
  • SYL union meeting
  • Equality planning with Dante + equality training for our committees
  • Coordinated Hankeiternas wellness group meeting
  • Support the Hankeites
  • Updated the website
  • Created a WhatsApp group to make it easier to communicate
  • Coordinated to arrange breakfast for StödHankeiterna on the corps

Daniel Hasselström

  • Planned upcoming events in regards to the COVID-19 restriction being lifted to full capacity. 
  • Have had meetings with several committees regarding their upcoming events this fall
  • Planned and attended a meeting regarding the student’s independence torchlight parade that will take place on 6.12.2021. SHS will be responsible for the sound and light at the Helsinki Senate Square during the torchlight procession and also fixing 2 guards for the event.
  • Attended the Nordic Board meeting, we decided to organize a “Mini Nordic Forum” on 9.11-11.11.2021 in Finland together with KY, where the main focus would be to plan the Nordic Forum 2022 and ensure that the tradition does not die out.
  • Had a meeting with KY and planned the Nordic Forum
  • Coordinated project grant applications
  • Coordinated special permit applications
  • Coordinated and planned the Ekonombrevsutdelningen
  • Had a meeting with PK and future masters about Gamylen 
  • Planned Skojrejs with PK and sened invitations to TF, Codex and Thorax executive boards
  • Coordinated and made a deal with IHD and Hanken. The deal would be that IHD would help in some events in Hanken (ex cloakroom) and then IHD will get paid for it
  • Been in contact with NHHS and Sasse and planned upcoming joint events
  • Participated in Hankendagen
  • Participated in “snack och snäx” with the study coach Alexandra Ols during the Wellness week
  • Planned a equality lesson with Axu
  • Held a equality lesson for all tutors

Emilia Donner

  • Helped with the Wellness Week and the takeover on Niord’s Instagram
  • Had a meeting with PK regarding sponsorships for Skojrejs
  • Participated in Hankendagen
  • Represented SHS at YLONZ
  • Gotten a confirmation of the costs of the overalls order, the result of the project is very good this year
  • Recruited a new member, Lisa Hannelius to the marketing team of The Business Committee
  • Planned and held a BC meeting
  • Planned the first meeting of the Sponsorship Subcommittee
  • Been in contact with partners and potential partners (EY, Sponda, Nordea, Trainers’ House, PwC, Suomen Ekonomit)
  • Planned EY’s Company of the Week
  • Had an equality education session for Gekko

Sebastian Ståhlberg

  • FSF
  • Webinar
  • Kopolive
  • World student capital
    • Economy and events
  • Förbundsmöte
    • partners
  • Student advocacy briefing with the responsible for Social and Academic Affairs in the Board
  • Högskola i rörelse

Anton Nilsson

  • Apply for support/grant for new sound and sound system for Casa and accept a quote. The new system will be installed no later than in 6 weeks.
  • Develop the union’s booking system, now everyone who books receives an email with the most important information 3 days before, rules, cleaning requirements and housing company registration.
  • Install Legenda’s new sound system and cleaned Legenda and pulled the electricity back to the refrigerators so that they do not turn off when you are not in the room. With this we avoid moldy refrigerators
  • Completed the revision of the Communication Plan.
  • Recruitment of general secretary, found candidates → the process now at KO and FM chairman
  • Started recruitment of a new Curator
  • General coordination with bookings, the housing association and other stakeholders in the union.
  • Planned and execution of the first basement evening

The meeting was conculded by Chairman Karlsson at 11:33 AM.