Apply for club grants!

The application for club grants for the fall of 2021 is now open! Send your application to the club responsible Daniel Hasselström to no later than 27.10.2021!

A club under SHS can apply for a grant for its operation from the Student Union. To be eligible for a grant the club needs to do the following:

  1. The club has to participate in the Student Union fair and presents itself for other members of the Student union. This spring’s the Student Union fair will be held on Wednesday the 27.10.2021.
  2. The club shall organise two event that is open for all the members of the student union. It is recommended that also other events should be open for every member.

More information on the club grant can be found on in Minutes and Regulations: Club manual. You will also find the application for the Club Grant on under Student Union actives and Apply for a grant: