Apply to the Student Council Presidium!

​​The Presidium will be elected during the new Student Council’s first meeting, which will be held on November 5th 2021. The Student Council Presidium consists of a President and two (2) vice Presidents.The second vice president of the student council also acts as the president of the Grand Committee.

Any Student Union member or prior member of the Student Union can be elected to the presidium. However, at least one member must be a regular member of the Student Council. Board members or employees of the Student Union cannot act as members of the Presidium.

You can send an application and a written presentation of yourself to by 31.10 at noon (12.00) if you want the application to be shared to the student council. It is also possible to candidate without application at the meeting, November 5th. 

If you have any questions, please contact the current Presidium:

Nicolina Massa (President),

Lydia Nystén (First Vice President),

Emilia Hattula (Second Vice President and President of the Grand Committee),