Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 5/2024


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 5/2024

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 7.1.2024 kl 10.00


Sofie Eriksson, Jesper Rajakangas, Mats Lehto, Aliisa Lundén, Matias Monola, Linn Grönlund, Victor Dahlberg, Mathilda Lindblom

The meeting was opened at 10:00 by chairman Eriksson

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided on the granting of the Club grant.
  • Decided on participation in annual celebrations.




  • Participated in the rector’s coffee
  • Been hosts for KY
  • Held point on the Teknologföreningens board change
  • Kårtalko

Sofie Eriksson

  • Presented SHS to the participants at International Helsinki Days.
  • Meeting with financial secretary Axel about financial management
  • Meeting with a representative from Folkhälsan
  • Wrote a report on SHS’s integration work for Hanken’s strategy project.
  • Meeting with ÅFK on matters concerning the annual ball
  • Meeting with Jesper and the presidium for the upcoming council workshop and meeting.
  • Compiled the first draft of the implementation plan for the council.
  • Sent out greetings to friend associations, unions and nations.
  • Put up board posters at Hanken
  • Other matters related to finances – rights, invoices, accounting & salaries
  • Matters related to the inventory list

Victor Dahlberg

  • Collected information related to the mid-term feedback project.
  • Prepared a part of the ceremony for the Lecturer of the Year.
  • Prepared the next meeting for the Education Committee.
  • Initiated planning of meetings with different working groups in the Education Committee.
  • Prepared the launch of the application to the leadership group of the Education Committee.

Jonatan Stenberg

  • Meeting with EC and MC chairs
  • Meeting with HYY, AYY, ÅAS about bilingualism
  • Held a IBU meeting
  • Meeting with Hanken about feedback from exchange students of the autumn 2023

Aliisa Lundén

  • Helped with coffee in the Kårens koppi
  • Meeting with representative from Folkhälsan with Matias and Sofie
  • Participated in meetings with OPHY-ydinverkosto
  • Held harassment training for IHD
  • Had first meetings with the social policy committee
  • Had a meeting on neuropsychological disabilities
  • Sent message to the Student Wellbeing Group about first meeting
  • Managed the registration of SupportHankeiternas for the Mieli ry course.
  • Been in contact with SSHV, KY and TuKy about the wellbeing week
  • Instagram presentation

Jesper Rajakangas

  • Renewed the partner contract with PwC
  • Negotiated contract renewals with Niord, McKinsey and the Finnish Economists
  • Held the Business Committee’s meeting 3/2024
  • Developed on new ideas about sales strategy and new products
  • Trained members of International Helsinki Days to use the tech at Casa 
  • Met with the Sofie and the Presidium about Student Council meeting 02/2024
  • Prepared a presentation of the implementation plan for the Student Council Workshop 1/2024
  • Introduced myself on the SHS Instagram
  • Got surprised for my birthday

Linn Grönlund

  • Presented myself on shsmoments instagram
  • Put up posters of the board at school
  • Closed and summarized the club grant application
  • Continued planning Casa 50
  • Updated the Presidents’ Committee facebook group
  • Represented the board at Coffee in Kårens Koppi

Matias Monola

  • Meeting with folkhälsan together with Sofie & Aliisa
  • Presented myself on shsmoments instagram
  • Made an inventory of the union’s assets at Casa together with FU2023.
  • Managing the booking calendar
  • Been in contact regarding various repair needs in Casa’s kitchen
  • Been in contact with the housing company regarding Casa50 party

Mats Lehto

  • Sent out the newsletter for February
  • Presented the board on social media
  • Cleaned the website from old and non-relevant posts
  • General management of SHS communication