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aTalent: Melba Digital – Digital Marketing Specialist

This position requires Finnish.

Type: part-time, permanent
Location: distance working
Application DL: 20.2.2024

Melba Digital, a provider of strategically tailored CRM solutions and marketing services, is now looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist for a part-time, permanent position!

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, you’ll join Melba’s close-knit team of a few and play a key role in supporting the expansion of the company’s digital marketing services as customer demand for these services grows. Melba’s current service offering includes CRM solutions as well as tactical lead generation services, but your role would specifically include content design for corporate websites, email campaigns and social media channels. You will also contribute to Melba’s internal marketing by creating content for email channels, also increasing Melba’s visibility and awareness. You will be involved in an exciting phase of launching an expanding service concept and creating the framework for Melba’s new digital marketing service. You will also be involved in the process design of the service, so the role offers the opportunity to leave your mark on Melba’s approach and service offering.

You may be the right person for us if you already have some previous digital marketing experience that is relevant to the role. We welcome applications from people just starting out in their careers as well as more experienced professionals, but you must be willing and able to roll up your sleeves in content production tasks. You will have previous experience in email marketing and content production and at least a strong basic understanding of how to use social media channels to support digital marketing. You will have good analytical skills, but also a willingness to work closely with clients, supporting them in using the best channels. Above all, we want you to have a solution-oriented attitude and the ability to offer a vision for expanding a new service.

Melba offers you:

  • The opportunity to be involved in the expansion of a new service package from the start of the project
  • The opportunity to build a role in line with your skills and to see the tangible impact of your work on both clients and Melba Digital’s business.
  • A role where you get to work with a diverse customer base and create significant value for customers through marketing measures
  • The opportunity to grow your role and Melba’s business. In the future, you may have your own team built around marketing services
  • Telecommuting, where you will have a lot of flexibility in terms of your own working hours and where you work from. Despite working remotely, you will be supported by a team of Melba professionals
  • A flexible part-time role that can be easily combined with, for example, your current studies

We hope you have:

  • Suitable previous experience in email and social media marketing. You may have gained experience in e.g. digital marketing, media agency, and/or web analytics
  • Knowledge of the most typical social media marketing channels and analytics methods
  • Experience with web content management software, e.g. WordPress
  • Independent, solution-oriented, systematic and analytical working style and willingness to work on both internal and client-facing marketing
  • Strong written and oral skills in Finnish and English

In this role, you will be employed as an aTalent employee at Melba Digital Oy. The position is permanent and part-time, and the amount of work can be arranged in a way that suits you and Melba best. However, the estimated weekly working hours would be at least 10h/week at the beginning of the employment relationship. The position will start no later than 1.4.2024. Melba will be mainly remote, which allows for flexible working at a location that suits you best. The salary level at the beginning of the employment relationship is 15€/h.

Please send your CV and motivation letter in PDF format by 20.2.2024 at the latest via the aTalent application system at . Please include your salary expectations, earliest possible starting date and the number of weekly working hours best suited to you. Please note that we do not accept applications by e-mail, but only process applications received via the application system.

You can read more about Melba Digital at: For questions regarding the position, the application process and timetables, please contact aTalent’s Senior Recruitment Manager Kiira Ojala, (050 553 7760, kiira.ojala(at)

Company description

Founded in 1990, Melba Digital provides customer relationship management (CRM) services to its clients. The company’s experts use CRM data to plan marketing strategies and campaigns, enabling targeted marketing and a better customer experience. Melba Digital’s CRM services include customer profiling, customer needs analysis, customer communication management and customer satisfaction surveys. The company develops modern CRM systems that enable efficient management and analysis of customer data. Melba Digital’s CRM services are an important part of its comprehensive digital marketing services.