Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 4/2024


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 2/2024

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 31.1.2024 kl 10.00


Sofie Eriksson, Jesper Rajakangas, Mats Lehto, Aliisa Lundén, Jonatan Stenberg, Matias Monola, Linn Grönlund, Victor Dahlberg, Mathilda Lindblom

The meeting was opened at 10:00 by chairman Eriksson

Notification matters

President Eriksson announced that it was the last working day of Secretary General Emilia Granqvist and that a new Secretary General Mathilda Lindblom had been appointed.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided on participation in annual celebrations
  • Decided on bank rights & bank cards for the Secretary General.
  • Decided on lecturer of the year 2023




  • Held its second strategy day
  • Worked on the implementation plan
  • Attended the Student council meeting 1/24
  • Joint AW with the employees
  • Participated in the union fair
  • Participated in the President’s Committee kickoff meeting
  • Met with the Council of Elders

Sofie Eriksson

  • Held coffee in the union’s koppi
  • Onboarding for new Secretary General Mathilda
  • Planned and held strategy day #2
  • Attended Niord’s board change dinner
  • Supervised the “inledande” party
  • Attended badge and scholarship board meeting
  • Meeting with SSHV President Julia
  • Inventoried the student union’s badges
  • Wrote a greeting for the International Helsinki Days magazine
  • Meeting with SESS President
  • Sent annual ball greetings

Victor Dahlberg

  • Met with SSHV’s Education Policy responsible and evaluated the Education Committee meeting.
  • Represented the Education Committee at the Student Union Fair and collected feedback there.
  • Participated in brainstorming regarding the Navigator course package.
  • Held and organized the voting for “Lecturer of the Year.”
  • Participated in onboarding for with the newly elected student representatives.
  • Worked on the social media and image of the Education Committee.

Jonatan Stenberg

  • Students sports federation meeting
  • Meeting with World Student Capitals chair
  • Educated people for the Advocacy Committee
  • Planned the advocacy committee first meeting
  • Planed the EU-election debate
  • Received education
  • Attended badge and scholarship board meeting

Aliisa Lundén

  • Met with the equality and non-discrimination group on the documents.
  • Had a meeting with Frida
  • Started planning the committee’s year
  • Booked the first meeting for the committee
  • Student representative planning meeting
  • Contact the wellbeing group for this year’s meetings

Jesper Rajakangas

  • Renewed two partner contracts
  • Reviewed certificates with the financial secretary
  • Created a list of SHS partners for use by committees and clubs
  • Had a meeting with the program committee on sponsorships
  • Had a short meeting regarding the Freshers Committee
  • Coordinated the Business Committee’s participation in the Union Fair
  • Translated relevant documents of the Business Committee
  • Followed up on the handovers of corporate accounts
  • Planned the development of marketing of corporate partnerships
  • Held Coffee in the Union Booth
  • Coordinated the spring schedule for Coffee in the Union Booth

Linn Grönlund

  • Had the Presidents’ Committee kick-off
  • Had 2 club onboardings
  • Had the Union Fair
  • Had two meetings with presidents.
  • Further planned Casa 50.
  • Had a short meeting regarding Freshers’ Committee.

Matias Monola

  • Managed the booking calendar
  • Fixed keys with committees
  • Had contact with KSO regarding various repairs at Casa
  • Planned areas of responsibility for the union cleaning day 31.1
  • Planned date for inventory of SHS assets in the house
  • Participated in a short meeting regarding the Freshers committee

Mats Lehto

  • Compiled the newsletter
  • Initiated the presentation of the board on social media
  • Monitored the introductory
  • General management of SHS communication