Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 2/2024


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 1/2024

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 17.1.2024 kl 10.00


Sofie Eriksson, Jesper Rajakangas, Mats Lehto, Aliisa Lundén, Jonatan Stenberg, Matias Monola, Linn Grönlund, Victor Dahlberg, Dennis Strandell and Emilia Granqvist

The meeting was opened at 10:00 by chairman Eriksson

Notification matters

  • Chairman Eriksson notified that the board has had a strategy weekend
  • Stenberg notified that it is Dahlbergs birthday

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Chose a suggestion for SHS new secretary-general
  • Chose student representatives to the Student and Teacher Mobility Group (SMG)
  • Decided about depreciation for the SHS budget 2024
  • Chose chairman, vice-chairman and members for Svenska Ekonomie Studenters (SESS) administrative council
  • Chose chairman and vice-chairman for Svenska Ekonomie Studenters (SESS) board
  • Permitted exemption to Casa Nostra
  • Decided on a project grant
  • Decided on annual ball participations

Board member’s activities


  • Strategy weekend
  • Meeting with the Presidium of the Student Council

Sofie Eriksson

  • Status updates with board members
  • Meeting with the Top Chairs
  • Badge and scholarship committee meetings
  • Prepared for presentation of SHS for new exchange students
  • Meeting with SSHV President Julia
  • Coordinated meetings with the boards of our friend associations
  • Planned and held workshops during the Board’s strategy weekend
  • Helped Union members with various issues

Victor Dahlberg

  • Meeting with SSHV Jiri
  • BiB Programme Committee-meeting
  • Contact with Hanken and regarding newly elected student representatives
  • Talk with Sofie
  • Prepared Lecturer of the year
  • Renewed the graphic design of the Education Committee
  • Meeting with the responsible for Education Affairs from SASSE Gustav Jäger
  • Planned the first Education Committee meeting.

Jonatan Stenberg

  • Status updates with Sofie
  • Prepared for presentation of SHS for new exchange students
  • Badge and scholarship committee meetings
  • Chosen members for the Advocacy Committee 2024
  • Coordinated Finnish Student Sports Federation education together with the Sports Committee
  • Planed an Instagram post about the Presidential election
  • Meeting with Thomas Kaski from the SSHV board 2023 about their trip to Umeå in autumn

Aliisa Lundén

  • Recruited the Social policy commmittee
  • Recruited people for the Mieli ry course
  • Prepared for the membership survey

Jesper Rajakangas

  • Status update meeting with President Sofie
  • Participated in the strategy weekend
  • Had a meeting about a joint business cooperation together with SSHV and Merkantila Klubben.
  • Recruited the Business Committee
  • Planned and informed about launching the year of the Business Committee
  • Prepared for a presentation of SHS to incoming exchange students.
  • Continued following up and handing over corporate accounts

Linn Grönlund

  • Status update meeting with President Sofie
  • Made the event-calendar up and running at
  • Been in contact with a club regarding project grants
  • Hosted the board’s strategy weekend

Matias Monola

  • Attended the housing board meeting 10.1
  • Manages the Booking Calendar
  • Attended the strategy weekend with the other board members
  • Fixed keys with various committees
  • Planned the union cleaning day together with Linn
  • Updated the Key Agreement document

Mats Lehto

  • Assisted the Annual Party Committee in creating graphic materials and invitations
  • Managed SHS email addresses, created new ones, and updated alias email addresses
  • Updated information on the screens at the student union
  • Wrote greetings to TLK (Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund)
  • Managed social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook