Introducing Trainee and Internship Programmes at SEB in Finland

SEB is a leading northern European financial services group with a passion for developing our colleagues. One of the ways we deliver on that is by involving university students in various programmes. In Finland we have four different trainee and internship programmes: Helsinki Internship ProgrammeLC&FI Summer Internship ProgrammeCorporate Finance Analyst Internship and International Trainee Programme. These programmes are designed to offer students an opportunity learn about financial industry, develop new skills, and see what an organization like SEB does in practise. We are proud of our engagement, job satisfaction and welcoming organization culture that is a great place for personal and professional development. 

In this blog post we give you a short introduction to our four different programmes here in Finland. We also asked one questions from each programme participant. You can learn more about these programmes here

Helsinki Intenship Programme

Helsinki Internship Programme is a 5 month long programme either in spring or fall. This programme offers a unique opportunity to learn about banking and gain a thorough understanding of SEB’s business in Finland and abroad. We usually have in total 7-8 Helsinki interns in 3-4 different teams every year. We are currently recruiting Helsinki Internship interns for 2024, and these interns will be based in the Sustainable Banking, Financial Institutions Coverage, Equity Research and Financial Strategy teams. More about this years programme you can read from the job ad here and get to know the teams here

Application period for the Helsinki Internship Programme 2024 closes on September 24th 2023.

Q: How would you describe your experience so far in the Helsinki Internship Programme?

A: Already the first month at SEB has proven to be a true vantage point on how banks operate and serve its customers. Encouraging environment has provided endless opportunities for growth and allows me to keep up with the latest market developments.

–Leo, current Helsinki Intern in the Financial Strategy team

LC&FI Summer Internship

LC&FI (Large Corporates and Financial Institutions) Summer Internship is SEB’s global internship programme. Summer internship intails an introduction week in Stockholm where interns get to know SEB as an employer but also LC&FI as a division. As an intern, you are recruited to a specific job role where you will be involved in daily business activities and have a great opportunity to explore the environment of banking in Finland and abroad. In Finland we usually have 1-3 interns every summer participating in the LC&FI Summer Internship Programme. Recruitment period for the LC&FI Summer Internship will open later this year. 

Q: How would you describe the experience from the introduction week in Stockholm? 

A: The introduction week was an amazing opportunity to get to know and have a good time with the interns from other Nordic offices, whilst learning a lot about the bank, the people, and the industry and its variety of opportunities overall.

-Jaakko, former Summer Intern in the Equity Sales team

Corporate Finance Analys Internship

Corporate Finance Analyst Internship is approximately 4 month long internship period in the SEB’s Corporate Finance team. The programme provides an international work environment within financial markets and investment banking.The internship offers an opportunity to be involved in various projects and get a clear picture of Corporate Finance Analyst’s work. Application period for Corporate Finance Analyst Internship is annually in August.

Q: Why did you choose to do your internship in SEB Corporate Finance team and did the internship meet your expectations?

A: I chose to apply for the SEB Corporate Finance internship because of three reasons especially. First, SEB CF’s leading track record of major Nordic M&A and ECM transactions presented a unique opportunity to gain exposure to significant projects, thus allowing me to learn and develop to the greatest extent. Second, having met the team at an event prior to applying, the team members showed an ambitious and easy-going mindset, which resonated with me. Third, SEB has a strong and established presence in the Nordics across several investment banking services, enabling a broad range of internal mobility opportunities for employees. 

I can truly say that the internship exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I was a full-time team member in several different projects, and was given responsibility on a level that allowed me to develop to the fullest, without being encumbered. The team was very welcoming and mentoring, and the three months flew by extremely fast. All in all, the internship cemented my view of wanting to join SEB CF as a full-time analyst after finishing school – a decision that I have been very pleased with ever since. 

– Totti, former Corporate Finance Analyst Intern 

International Trainee Programme

SEB’s International Trainee Programme is a unique way to kick-start your career! You are hired to a full-time employment that begins with 9 month long International Trainee Programme. As a trainee at SEB, you will get an opportunity to gain an extensive network and a deep understanding of the financial industry, and also be professionally and personally challenged. During the trainee programme, practical work is interspersed with training to give you the best possible conditions for development and to have an exciting career at SEB. Application period for the International Trainee Programme in Finland is annually in December-January.

Q: What were the biggest takeaways for you from the International Trainee Programme?

A: For me, the biggest takeaways from the International Trainee Programme were the comprehensive overview of the bank and banking industry in general and the professional development and self-knowledge gained from the leadership trainings and emotional capital report assessment. Above all, the greatest takeaway was getting to know and forming new friendships with the amazing fellow Trainees. Also, having the ability to visit several sites (e.g. Copenhagen and Stockholm) and rotate in different teams widened my perspective and helped me to gain knowledge and to start creating a wider network within the bank.  

– Rosa, former International Trainee 

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