Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 21/2023

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 21/2023
Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2
Time: 31.5.2023 kl 10.00

Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta,
Matilda Eriksson, Emma Lindvall, Frans Grönholm and Emilia Granqvist
The meeting was opened at 10.02 by chairman Ruokonen
Notification matters:
● No notification matters
The following matters were addressed at the meeting:
● Review and follow-up of the Vasa grant with Frans via Teams
● Authorized the KO and the Secretary General to represent the SHS in official
● Approved 2 project grants
● Reopened the application for a student representative (“deputy”) to the
Institutional Council for Marketing and Logistics in Helsinki.
Other matters:
● Next board meeting 9.8.2023 at 10.00. Have a great summer!
The meeting was closed at 11.13 by chairman Ruokonen
● Student Union 101 training for new elected committees
● Pension party at Hanken

Ville Ruokonen
● Rector’s lunch with Emilia on ekonombrevsutdelning and framework agreement
● Signed the framework agreement together with Inkku.
● Preparation meeting with Emilia for the Rector’s lunch.
● Meeting with Gensek about summer projects, administration to tax authorities and other
● Meeting with Emilia Winqvist and Emma Lindvall regarding the student union’s financial
● Hanken Strategy 2030 task force meeting: Horizon Scanning
● Meeting with Alina Anderson and SSHV President Frans regarding Hanken’s new
recruitment principles.

● Coordinated Vasa’s follow-up to the boards meeting
● Financial management together with Gensek
● Meeting with SSHV President Frans about the ekonombrevsutdelning
● Sent President’s greetings to Gulishankeiten

Axel Anderson
● Attended BiB Tash Force final meeting
● Meeting with Emilia on kopo matters (review of kopolive, surveys and other current
● Opened registration for the UU excursion to Stockholm and compiled the price.
● Rehearsal exercise

Emilia Öfverström
● Published blog post on the agreement between SHS and Hanken to with additional
some material
● Preparatory meeting with Ville prior to rector’s lunch
● Attended the rector’s lunch with Ville
● Meeting with Axel about kopo matters (review of kopolive, surveys and other current
● Compiled responsibles for academic affairs in the executive boards of 20, 21, 22 and my
own thoughts on the future of WSC for the planning day.
● Participated in the WSC planning day in Otaniemi with Emi.
● Started summarising the report on physical accessibility at Casa
● Continued coordination of visits to the Parliament
● Proofread the new equality documents.

Frida Winberg
● Participated in the Unisport management team meeting, where, among other things, the
budget was reviewed.
● Participated in FSF’s FSHS delegation’s preparation meeting
● Participated in the spring meeting of the FSHS delegation, where, among other things,
statistics on visitors to the FSHS were reviewed
● Attended Hoas’ “nimitysvalmistekuvaliokunnan” meeting.
● Translated and visualized the SHS Code of Conduct.
● Started the marketing of SHS pride.
● Been in contact with HYY regarding booking a place in the Pride parade.

Pauliina Haarala
● Been in contact with potential new partners and checked the situation before the
● Been in contact with some companies about HND.
● Contact with Pia-Maria regarding her keynote speech
● Waiting for offers for the overalls

Rebecca Laaksonen
● Casa 50 task force’s second meeting – planned concrete deliverables for the fall
● Translation of the Student Union 101 slides + milestones
● MSc intro week + Back to Campus Day meeting with Hanken
● First contact with SHS Songbook
● Engage EU seminars in Bergen
● BoL implementation planning for SHS
● Oslo BI 80th anniversary party

Sami Multisilta
● Coordinated the booking calendar
● Changed the keyboard at the casa
● Identified renovation needs and possibilities for the summer with the housing company

Matilda Eriksson
● Attended SYL sector meeting
● Updated almost the entire website with new banners and images
● Posted the last recap of the week for spring
● Made and published material on SHS channels
● Helped with shs users and mail groups