The strong cooperation between SHS and Hanken

The Student Union has a great cooperation with Hanken. The responsibilities and commitments that SHS and Hanken promise each other are described in an agreement that is regularly updated.

Student Union President Ville Ruokonen and Rector Ingmar Björkman signed the agreement between SHS and Hanken on Thursday. The agreement describes precisely how the cooperation is progressing and which parts of the operations for both parties belong to the cooperation. This can include events, tutor committees and other activities where the student union and Hanken support each other. Whenever the activities change for either party, the agreement should be updated accordingly. Usually this means an annual review and negotiation between the SHS Executive Board and selected members of Hanken’s staff. 

The updated agreement covers, among other things, support and cooperation on the new Bachelor’s programme and meeting fees for student representatives. SHS is pleased to announce that the agreement has been re-signed and the strong cooperation between the student union and the university continues.

SHS Executive Board of 2023

Emilia Öfverström

Responsible for Academic affairs 2023