Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 17/2023


Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2  

Time: 1.3.2023 kl 10.00 


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta, Axel Anderson, Matilda Eriksson, Rebecka Laaksonen, Emilia Granqvist and Emma Lindvall

The meeting was opened at 10:08 by chairman Ruokonen 

Notification matters: 

  • none 

The following matters were addressed at the meeting: 

  • The board elected Ville Ruokonen as student representative for the university college 
  • The board elected a regular representative to IR for financial and national economy 
  • The board approves proposition 22/23 but the proposals that have come forward. 
  • The quarter’s hankeit post was announced as vacant 
  • Ec was granted exceptional leave for 13.5 
  • The board decided to send greetings to SKY’s annual party 

Other matters: 

  • None 

The meeting was closed at 11:16 by chairman Ruokonen 



  • Organized the SHS in Oban, the student active’s sitz and the SHS in Kaisaniemi Park during Vappu Week. 
  • Participated in other Vappu events and festivities 
  • Meeting on the agreement between SHS and Hanken 

Ville Ruokonen 

  • Delivered the Student Union’s May Day greeting speech to YLE TV1.  
  • Visited with Secretary General the Mayor of Helsinki during May Day eve. 
  • Gave an interview to Yle Uutiset about Havis Amanda 2024. 
  • Had a data protection meeting with Hanken together with Mati, Secretary General and FM chairman. 
  • Preparatory work for the framework agreement between SHS and Hanken 
  • Meeting with SSHV and MK chairs before board meeting 
  • Participated in AR meeting 
  • Meeting with the SC presidium before the upcoming SC meeting 
  • Financial strategy meeting with SC president 
  • Supervised PK’s pre-weapon sitz 
  • Supervised CN’s May Day celebration 
  • Revised board proposal 2/2023 

Axel Anderson 

  • Meeting with the Teaching Evaluation Committee 
  • Meeting with the advocacy representatives about sub-goals for advocacy work at SHS 
  • Started writing scholarship applications for UU’s excursion 
  • Started writing the nomination of Pia Polsa for Suomen Ekonomits Prize for Lecturer of the Year 
  • Mapped out preliminary interest for UU’s excursion. 

Emilia Öfverström 

  • Meeting with the equality policy revision group  
  • Meeting about the sustainability strategy 
  • Meeting with Frida about the SHS equality documents 
  • Wrote on the Sustainability Strategy  
  • Meeting with Frida and Axel about sub-goals in the advocacy work at SHS 
  • Opened recruitment to IBU – the Advocacy Committee 
  • Submitted feedback on SYL election campaign 
  • Emailed with Christel (Parliamentary Secretary/Swedish Parliamentary Group) about a visit to the Parliament House 
  • Wrote a blog post about BIB 

Frida Winberg 

  • Meeting with the equality policy revision group  
  • Meeting with Emilia on the equality revision 
  • Meeting with the advocacy team on milestones for advocacy work at SHS. 
  • Continued to present SupportStudents on Instagram 
  • Held a training for new elected representatives at the Union. 

Pauliina Haarala 

  • Attended SESS förvaltningsråds meeting 
  • Meeting with Hankens Corporate Relations Team and their international guests 
  • Discussed fee for HND keynote speaker with Hanken 
  • Supervised Pre-vappen sitz with Ville 
  • Opened the recruitment to Business Committee 
  • Planning meeting with Balmuir about a new event 

Rebecca Laaksonen 

  • Training for newly elected representatives 
  • Opened recruitment for the SHS songbook workgroup 
  • Written the sustainability strategy together with Mati and Emilia. 
  • Coordinated SHS Vappen at Oban 
  • Coordinated Student Union actives party 
  • Coordinated SHS Vappen in Kajsaniemi 
  • Meeting with MC future president regarding MC activity and intro week 
  • Meeting with Hanken regarding the inclusion of Hanken’s combined BSc+MSC students in communication and introweek to new MSc students 

Sami Multisilta 

  • Coordinated bookings 
  • Given out keys 
  • Cleaning of the premises 
  • Drove stuff to observatorieparken and kaisaniemi 
  • Supervised CNs may day celebration 

Matilda Eriksson 

  • Had a data protection meeting with Hanken together with Ville, Gensek and FM chairman. 
  • Meeting on the sustainability strategy 
  • Signed the sustainability strategy  
  • Finalised the May newsletter  
  • Made and published material for shsmoment’s social media and website. 
  • Made new SHS users (mails) and helped with login