Apply for a grant from the Foundation of Swedish students of business!

The purpose of the Foundation of Swedish students of business (SESS) is to build a connection between students at Hanken and to support their societal, social, intellectual
and study related ambitions. SESS fulfills this purpose by granting scholarships to
Hanken students.

The foundation prioritizes purposes that benefit more than one person or other
non-profit purposes. Furthermore, the emphasis also lies on purposes that promote
social connection within Hanken students. On average 500 euros are granted for
accepted applications. The foundation does not support exchange semesters.

Your application should be submitted in PDF-format and include information about who
is applying and to what purpose. The application should also include a specification of
the amount that is applied for, a thorough description of how this will be used and
whether other grants have been applied for or acquired for the same purpose from other
instances. If the purpose is project-based, please include a budget and a project plan in
the application.

Send your application latest on the 21.5 to The application period is 2.5 –

The scholarships for accepted applications will be distributed after the application
period. Please note that SESS requires reporting of the use of the grant afterwards.

Questions can be directed to SESS’ president .