Greetings from the President of the Executive Board

Dear SHS members, 

On behalf of the entire board, I would like to give a greeting at the beginning of the new semester. I am happy that we can once again meet physically at both Hanken in Helsinki and Vaasa, but also at the student union. The student union should be a place for all of us, where we have the opportunity to find our support network and where we can create memories together. 

My name is Ville Ruokonen and I have the honor to be your president next year. Together with the board, we have started our board work and it looks very promising. Can’t wait for you to see what all we have to offer you! 

Although the new era after the pandemic involves several different challenges, we must make sure to keep our eyes on the future. In these times, it is important to work together, be there for each other and ask for help when needed. 

Now that the new semester is kicking off, I want to give you some tips. Take advantage of your study time, take part in traditions, take part in new challenges, but above all take one day at a time and enjoy your study time together with others. Then you get the most out of what the funnest student union has to offer. With these words, the 2023 board and I wish you the best of luck with the coming semester and hope to see you as soon as possible! 

Best wishes, 

Ville Ruokonen 

President of the Executive Board 2023