Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 36/2022


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 36/2022

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, 2nd floor & Microsoft Teams

Time: 16.11.2022 kl 10.00


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton Mattsson, William Sundell, Selma Lumio, Hampus Nordin, Emilia Granqvist, Emma Lindvall 

Meeting opened by chairman Winqvist at 10:04.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Granted ÅFK to use the SHS emblem during the annual ball as requested
  • Decided to open the application to the SESS Board for 3 persons and to the SESS Administrative Council for 2 persons
  • Decided to elect Pia Blomqvist as SHS representative in the SHVS delegation 2023-2024
  • Granted exemption to the Freshman Committee

Notification matters

  • President Winqvist and member Lumio have represented at the TYY 100th anniversary.
  • Hankdammen was organized on Friday by PK and invited were guests from MK and SSHV.

Meeting closed by chairman Wingvist at 10:11.

Other matters

No other matters

Board’s activities


Constitutive student council meeting

Rector’s coffee

Vice dean meeting

Emilia Winqvist


Contact about schooling with the principal

Preparations for the management group meeting

Matters related to the HABA project


Meeting with Emilia from SSHV

Lunch with Secretary General

Discussion with SYL candidates

Discussion on recruitment of the Board

Meeting with Ida

Meeting with FSF delegation

Interview of FSF candidates for the Board

Meeting with Sampo from AYY about ARA funding

Worked on business plan and budget

Kylterihuone meeting

Discussion with Anton

Meeting with the Presidium

External parties:

Discussion on FSF Confederation meeting and negotiations

TYY 100th anniversary celebration

Meeting with the economists about the ekonomit lounge

Review of the Suome ekonomit general meeting

Contributed opinion to Niord board meeting

Ida Havunta 

HaBA- taskforce work

FM training (participation & presentation of internal advocacy at Hanken)

Preparation for the SYL General Assembly together with SHS delegation

Meeting on the study environment survey 

Supervised Hankdammen

Kylterihuone meeting 

Planning of next UU meeting 

Pippi Blomqvist 

Helped with Glöggrundan’s ticket release 

Meeting with the study psychologist about further training for the SupportStudents and support functions for the delegates  

Preparatory work for the revision of the rules of procedure for the delegates and the SHS Code of Conduct 

Work on the activity plan 

Completion of FSHS questionnaire for inspection of the Hanken study environment together with Ida and Emilia and Clara from SSHV 

Representation atHankdammen 

Planning of SHS Santa Workshop and cooperation with Joulupuu 

Project management 

Discussions with candidates for board application 

A little sick leave <3 

Jennifer Holmberg

Preparations for SYL general assembly 

Kylterihuone meeting

Hanken board meeting with

In Lisbon with Lyran the whole week and therefore less SHS work

Selma Lumio

Arranged Glöggrundan ticket release

 FSF delegation meetings

 Supervised EC’s Techno Night and PK’s Hankdammen

 Represented at TYY’s annual ball

 Meeting with Hanken

William Sundell

Made a last ditch effort with the Business Committee to get companies to join Summer Job Evening

Signed the first joint company contract with between SHS & SSHV and a company

Meeting with Unisport to further develop our cooperations

Meeting with Hanken

Aided the Sports Committee in their sponsorship search ahead of Academic Classic

Anton Mattsson

Updated social media and tje website

Made some social media posts

Made new emailgroups

Made new SHS accounts

Continued with move back to the office

Worked on tge activity plan

Attended a meeting with Hankek and SHVS regarding our studie envoirment.

Hampus Nordin

Managed the booking calendar

Writing contracts and receiving deposits

Participated in the Hankdammen

Participated in Källarkväll

Ongoing contact with the housing company

Attended FM training and shift-dinner

Helped with the glöggrundan ticket sale

Selma Lumio

Arranged Glöggrundan ticket release

 FSF delegation meetings

 Supervised EC’s Techno Night and PK’s Hankdammen

 Represented at TYY’s annual ball

 Meeting with Hanken