Are you leading one of SHS committees in 2023?

Following positions of trust for 2023 will be filled on the Student Council meeting November 28th at 6PM:

  • President of Casa Nostra 2023
  • Treasurer of Casa Nostra 2023
  • President of Exchange Committee 2023
  • President of Program Committee 2023
  • President of Sports Committee 2023
  • President of Information Committee 2023
  • President of Elder’s Council 2023

If you want your application to be sent to the Student Council before the meeting, send it latest November 24th at 23:59PM to The application can be in the form of a cover letter, but it is also possible to apply directly at the meeting without sending a written application. Read more about the open positions below, apply, and contribute to what SHS 2023 will look like!

Apply for President or Treasurer of Casa Nostra 2023
CN is the official party committee of SHS with long traditions. CN organizes the biggest parties for the student union members. CN consists of a President, Treasurer, Vice President and a maximum of 19 other members. Questions can be directed to current CN President Helena Korppi and Treasurer Ville Ruokonen.

Apply for  President of Exchange Committee 2023
Being the president of the Exchange Committee is very rewarding in many ways. You will get the chance to learn and develop qualities that you can use in future endeavours both professionally and personally. Your knowledge of organising, planning, and leading others will be put to the test as well as how well you collaborate with other people and how you handle responsibility. If you want to develop yourself and EC as well as learn more about the work of the student union – apply for EC president!

If you have any questions about EC operations or about the president’s duties, feel free to contact the current President, Cecilia Dahlberg.

Apply for President of Program Committee 2023
Being the President of the Program Committee is a great experience and a worthwhile challenge. You have the chance to gather an amazing team and execute the most unique events in our student union. Organizing events like Skojrejs and Hanken Fashion Night is incredibly rewarding and gives you a chance to develop your skills as a leader and planner. At the same time, you will also get a chance to strengthen your network with a huge amount of new contacts in both the union and the business world. You will also organize some more upscale dinners for the union’s stakeholders.

Your main purpose as the President of the Program Committee is to prepare the operations of the Committee and then together with your team execute these. Furthermore, since the Committee is a rather new one, you have a unique chance to influence new traditions and events in the Committee and the Student Union.

In case you have any questions regarding the position or the tasks surrounding it, don’t hesitate to contact current President Marika Alkula.

Apply to the President of the Information Committee 2023
Do you want to learn everything about the responsibility to publish the student union magazine, Hankeiten, as well as become part of many other interesting media projects? Do you want to learn how it is to have the responsibility over a fantastic committee and the opportunity to guide them? Then you should apply to be the president of the Information committee! 

Your biggest task is to lead the committee, but also to plan and develop together all the media related projects that INK is involved in. You will get experience and learn a lot of new things that can be valuable in your future career and no earlier experience of INK is required. should be interested in media. Last but not least: as the President of INK you have a lot of responsibility but also a lot of freedom due to the fact that you are elected by the student council.

In case you have questions regarding the position, don’t hesitate to contact the current President of INK, Hulda Mörn.

Apply for the President of the Sports Committee 2023
Are you the new president for the Sports committee? The Sports committee organises fun and versatile sports related events and activities. The president is responsible for the committee’s activities, members and other tasks assigned by the student union.

The committee has during the years organised bigger events, such as Pinktober Charity Run and ice hockey games. Other smaller and more different sport events, such as carting, curling and beachvolley have also been organised by the Sports Committee. Do you have fresh, new ideas on how to upgrade the sports committee’s activities? Do you think something could improve? If you are interested in practising your organization skills and getting a lot of new friends, this is your chance!

If you have any questions regarding the committee or the presidency, do not hesitate to contact Sofie Eriksson.

Apply to the president of the Elders Council 2023
Are you the next president of the Elder’s council?

The Elder’s council is looking for a new president. The Elder’s council is an advisory body consisting of three to five members, who are entitled to report and submit proposals to the board and the Student Council.

The duties of the Elder’s council include:
– To follow up and make amendments for the implementation of the student union’s vision, mission and strategy
– To preserve and develop the student union’s traditions and cultural heritage
– To support members of the student union and the management of the union, and promote continuity
– To provide suggestions for recipients of merits and scholarships

If you are interested in being the president of the Elder’s council 2023, the current president Eliott Tallqvist will be happy to answer your questions.

You can reach all the persons via their SHS email Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask your questions! Take this opportunity to develop both yourself and the student union.