Meeting summary

Summary of Executive Board meeting 18/2022


Summary of Executive Board meeting 18/2022

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 18.05.2022 kl 10.00


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, William Sundell, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Selma Lumio, Sinéad Obrey 

Meeting opened at 10:00 by president Winqvist

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided to allow the request from Casa Nostra to use the Student Union’s spaces after the avslutande sitz party.

Notification matters

  • Lumio announced that the Annual Ball week is up and running

Meeting ended at 10:04 by president Winqvist

The Board´s activities


Preparations for the annual party

Prepared material for the council meeting

Emilia Winqvist

Meeting with presidium

Meeting with the statutes group

Fyramannarådet  meeting with EC, MC

Meeting with Hanken on sustainability

Meeting on well-being at Casa

Written speech for the annual ball

Preparations for the annual ball

Worked on the statutes

Hampus Nordin

Managed the bookingcalendar

Renovation of the men’s bathroom at Casa is finished

Notified Selco about a toilet at kåren that doesn’t flush properly

Tried solving the major issue with the sound- and lightsystem at Casa

Attended the Farewell Dinner organized by EC

Pia “Pippi” Blomqvist

Meeting with Hanken about sustainability efforts 

Meeting with the FSHS Leading Group 

Meeting with the student council’s presidium about equality praxises 

Coordinating the work of the committee of social affairs 

Planning of the tutor- and recruitment trainings 

Participating in the sector meeting about governmental elections with SYL 

Meeting with ÅAS 

Coordination and planning of Pride 

Ida Havunta

Meeting with the Presidium

Worked with Equis and interviewed for it

Meeting with Hanken (Elise, sustainability)

Held the last UU meeting of the spring

Planned the upcoming autumn/semester from the UPO point of view

Weekly meetings and daily UPO fix

William Sundell

Had a meeting with the Business Committee for the last time this spring and made food for my dear committee members

Billing of partner companies

Anton Mattsson

Posted on social media and the website

Designed SOME material

Planned a workshop on equality to the freshmen committee

Ordered more posters to the union

Jennifer Holmberg

HOAS meeting

Participated in a workshop between the board and a Hanken representative about Hanken’s sustainability work and how sustainability is incorporated in the education 

SYL’s election live

Participated in the keynote at HOAS “Asumisen foorumi”

Day-to-day tasks

Selma Lumio

Planning of Pride event

Meeting with Rekom about events

Planning Kårsemi

Preparations for the annual ball, participated in the annual ball weeks events