Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board meeting 13/2022


Summary of Executive Board meeting 13/2022

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 6.4.2022 kl 10.02


Emilia Winqvist, Ida Havunta, Pia Blomqvist, William Sundell, Hampus Nordin, Jennifer Holmberg, Anton Mattsson, Selma Lumio, Sinéad Obrey

Emma Lindvall, Denis Strandell

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • SSHV’s treasurer Frans Grönblom reported on follow-up of SSHV’s operations
  • Rental of the student union’s facilities was discussed. A proposal of a rental contract with a pledge is investigated, and temporary closing of kåren facilities was discussed and will be presented at the next meeting.
  • Sonja Vildén was chosen for the Hankeit of the Quarter
  • Havunta was chosen as the student representative for the Committee of Teaching Excellence
  • A committee for social affairs is founded

Notification matters

  • Homström reports that she together with SYL have monitored the student union’s interest
  • Blomqvist reports that the wellness week has been arranged with great success

Activities of the board


  • Visited by the FSF Patron and the FSF President
  • Helped with the organisation of the well-being week
  • Discussed issues related to facilities
  • Dinner with the support association

Emilia Winqvist

  • Meeting with Emilia Sparf about the situation in both Vaasa and Helsinki
  • Meeting with the support association 
  • Coffee with student union presidents on e.g. facilities and Ukraine situation
  • Participated in Hanken Fashion NightCanon meeting on the corona pandemic and the situation in Ukraine
  • Participated in the Education Committee meeting
  • Planned the NCBE event and investigated issuesHad a meeting with the NCBE project group
  • Meeting with IHD regarding the week
  • Discussions with  members about facilities
  • Prepared matters concerning the statutes
  • Meeting with working group on statutes
  • Cooperation meetings on Tradbörs Contact with stakeholders

Jennifer Holmberg

  • Been Pippi’s stand-in on the sopo-live
  • Advocates’ weekly meeting
  • Recruitment committee meeting (Nomineringskommittén)
  • Participated in HFN
  • Kopo-live about EU initiatives
  • Participated in SYL’s action by the House of the Estates regarding during the budget negotiations
  • Social media content regarding the students wishes and requirements for the budget negotiations
  • Hanken Sustainability Group meeting

Hampus Nordin

  • Managing the booking calendar
  • Meeting with IHD regarding the IHD week
  • Changed the display in the DJ-booth because the old one was broken
  • Picked up new mics from Discoland in MellunmäkiSupervised Techno Night
  • Attended SHS panel discussion on sexual wellbeeing
  • Attended Hanken Fashion Night

William Sundell

  • Started recruiting new members to the Business Committee and conducted interviews with the candidates
  • Tried to contact Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko unsuccessfully
  • Discussed cooperation and internals with KY:s business committee CORE.

Selma Lumio

  • Assisted with technical details during the wellness week panel discussion-assisted and attended during Hanken Fashion Night
  • Meeting with IHD regarding the week
  • Coordinated ticket sales for YLONZ
  • Planned Vappu Week

Ida Havunta

  • Continued work with Equis & meeting with the latest UPO who has undergone the work in question
  • Continued planning of the Main Subject Evening
  • Weekly meetings and daily UPO fix
  • Committee on Teaching Excellence meeting.

Anton Mattsson

  • Designed the Vappen patch
  • Updated social media & the website
  • Participated at viestintä live

Pippi Blomqvist

  • Organization of the Wellness Week’s events, including Panel discussion on sexual well-being
  • Weekly meeting with advocates
  • Meeting with UniSport
  • Meeting on the universities’ accessibility plan with FSF
  • Surveillance at EC’s Techno Night event