Life as an Account Manager at Lime Technologies

What is it really like to work for Lime? Our colleagues Martin, Hanna, Tilde, Omar, and Lisa tell us why they applied for the European Trainee Program and what life is like as a trainee. This is Martin’s story – he works as an Account Manager.

A Nervous Start

My first year as an Account Manager at Lime has flown by, but at last I can breathe out and say that I have found home! I know it’s a cliché, but that’s exactly how it feels. Every morning when I step into the office and meet all my colleagues, it’s like coming home.

When I finished my studies, I hoped to get a challenging job which continued my development and simultaneously contribute to the production of something tangible. It was actually a coincidence that I saw the advert from Lime, but as the recruitment process progressed, I became more and more confident that this was the right place for me.

My first contact with Lime was through their website, where I felt they really stood out from the crowd. I got an understanding that their corporate culture is something they take very seriously, whilst doing most things with a twinkle in the eye! It all became even more interesting when I realised that the core business consisted of interesting solutions, aimed at streamlining operations to increase their sales. Meanwhile, they had the challenge to simultaneously equip the business, to retain their existing customers.

My Time at Lime

The initial training weeks in Lund were a lot of fun, with all the trainees bonding really well. The training covered everything related to CRM, the products and the company. We also were given great tips and tricks about our roles. In my case, for example, sales and negotiation technology.

After the weeks in Lund – which included cases, group exercises, lectures and presentations – we were ready to start work at our local offices. For me, this was to be the Oslo office. This was when reality hit home!

Kick-start as Account Manager

One of the best things about working as an Account Manager at Lime is that two days are never alike. I meet new people all the time, listen to their requirements, then present something that can add value to their business. I find it extremely rewarding to inspire people and companies to invest more in customer care and sales.

Furthermore, I have the opportunity to help in other departments, such as recruitment and marketing. As I am interested in many different things, this is enjoyable and rewarding. It’s also a lot of fun to be able to put on different “hats” during a work week!

I have amazing colleagues who constantly give me support and feedback, helping me to progress and develop my skills. Going out to sales meetings with the ‘more experienced’ team members is beneficial; not only do I learn new things, but I bring useful items home in my luggage which I can then use in my work.

At Lime, each individual sets their own limits for what they can do or achieve. You receive support in setting your goals, but you decide the path to choose yourself, and you plan your own workday. You also take on an enormous amount of responsibility from day one!

Working for Lime as an Account Manager is far more fun and rewarding than I could ever dream, so take a chance and apply!Apply now