Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 16/2021


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 16/2021

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 28.4.2021 at 10AM

The meeting was opened by Chairman Karlsson at 10.01  am

Attending: Daniel Karlsson, Anton Nilsson, Sebastian Ståhlberg, Emilia Winqvist, Emilia Donner, Emma Lindvall, Daniel Hasselström, Alexandra Eriksson, Kristiane Width

Notifications matters: 

  • Lindvall informed that the Education Committee has had its first virtual Campus Evening with approximately 80 participants.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The second Hankeit of the Quarter application will be announced on SHS website.
  • An application will be opened for the position as regular student representative in the Direction of the Centre for Languages and Business Communication. The time period for Commission of Trust is 23.6.2021-31.12.2021.
  • Based on the information presented, the Executive Board disapproved that the first and second Vice President of the Student Council automatically should be able to take the course Voluntary Work.

Activities of the Executive Board:

  • Student Council meeting
  • Pampas Nationaldag (major festivities among the Swedish speaking students in Finland which traditionally is held in the Ostrobothnia region in midwestern Finland. This year a large portion of the festivities were held online).

Daniel Karlsson

  • Helped with the organization of the “Major Subject Evening” with SHS and SSHV. 
  • Written speech that will be performed together with the other student unions in the capital region on the first of May and which will be broadcast via Yle’s TV and radio channels. 
  • Made a video greeting to KY’s annual ball. 
  • Attended a meeting with Yle regarding the festivities around Vappu (Saint Walpurgis Night).
  • Started writing text for the next issue of Nötte (SSHV’s magazine). 
  • Other correspondence and other smaller meetings.

Emma Lindvall 

  • IBU meeting about the municipal elections
  • Made a video greeting to KY’s annual ball
  • Continued planning and organized the Campus Evening for our freshmen, worked out really well with around 80 participants
  • Preparing a presentation of the Education Committee
  • Work related to opening an application for student representatives
  • Promoted the survey about studies after the pandemic

Emilia Winqvist

  • Helped with arrangements during the wellness week, like the brunch and material for social media
  • Looked into issued with G-suites and the homepage
  • Made SHS emails to new committee members
  • Had a takeover on Niords instagram
  • Continued the cleaning of the archives
  • Helped members with different questions about SHS work
  • Started gathering material for the next newsletter
  • Handled social media, homepage and G-suites related tasks

Daniel Hasselström

  • Meeting with Yle about the stream that will be streamed on the Vappuaattona  at 17:45-18:15 in Yle Areena
  • Fixed a Zoom license to SHS for a virtual Vappen
  • Prepped for the Vappen Sitz

Emilia Donner

  • Bought materials for vappen and the survival kit
  • Made materials and marketing for vappen on social media
  • Meeting with Yle
  • Participated in huvudämneskvällen
  • Coordinated and communicated with sponsors for vappu
  • Jokapaikanhöylä at the student union

Anton Nilsson

  • Legenda: 
    • The demolition of the legend’s kitchen has begun, all cabinets have been taken down, and are ready for recycling
    • Been in contact and with the housing company about fixing the electricity and water pipes in the kitchen
  • Archive thinning
    • Continued thinning of documents. The thinning is done to about 80% now.
    • Markus Nyberg has helped to decide what documents need to be spared and ordered boxes for the documents that has to be burned. 
  • Casa Kitchen:
    • The offer is approved. Waiting for the exact timetable from the renovation company when they can start and complete the renovation
    • In the meantime, the kitchen has been emptied of all loose material and a basic cleaning of scrubbing of the equipment has begun.
    • Been in contact with Stenkaka regarding cheaper used kitchen equipment that may be used in the kitchen.

Alexandra Eriksson

  • Coordinated and planned wellnessweek
  • Planned and organized and Feel good brunch
  • Participated in sopo-live

Sebastian Ståhlberg

  • World Student Capital
  • Municipal Election
  • Helped with the major subject evening
  • Vapaavuori greeting 

Other matters:

  • Hanken’s HR assistent has asked if the Student Union is interested in participating in ‘Kilomterikisa’. Kilometrikisa is a fun challenge between different groups, where the participants note how many kilometres and minutes that they have ridden a bike. The Executive Board will participate in the challenge and market the challenge to the Union’s members on social media. 

The Meeting was concluded at 10.15 am by Chairman Karlsson.