Meeting summary

Meeting Abstract of Executive Board Meeting 11/2020

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 11/2020
Place: Microsoft Teams
Time:24.2020 At 4PM
Attending: Fanny Hindsberg, Nea Olsson, Filip Jägerroos, Eliott Tallqvist, Maisa Dyhr, Oscar Byman, Joakim Kiuru, Axel Toukkari, Kristiane Width & Alina Anderson
The Executive Board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:
-Opened application for the post as President of Central Election Committee
-The Student Union will be closed and all physical events will be cancelled until 13.4.2020 because of Covid-19
Board member activities:
Common activities: Coffee meeting with the Rector of Hanken, Social media workshop
Fanny Hindsberg: Checked budget of P1 and Financial Statement of 2019, Meetings with KPV, SYL president, SYL strategy group & Kylli, Evaluated the distance work, Made an weekly quiz to check board members wellbeing, Written an text to
Oscar Byman: Meeting with WSC board, Shared Hanken’s internship grants term with SYL working life sector and answered questions about SYL’s strategy, Organized kick-off coffee meeting with group for external student advocacy, Helped Maisa with the launch of the facebook group intended to help risk groups shop groceries during covid-19, Planned the SHS2025 strategy day
Eliott Tallqvist: Worked with electrocal policy, Opened the recruitment for the Disciplinary Committee, Started the work with summer courses
Joakim Kiuru: Meetings with Nordic Business Forum and Hanken’s Buisness Committee, Started to plan the Overall Team 2020, Guided the Business Committees activities and developed virtual cooperation opportunities
Maisa Dyhr: Worked with the facebook group ”SHS Matkasse-hjälp”, Worked with the equality plan and met with working group in charge of the equality plan, Meeting with WSC board, Planned the SHS2025 strategy day
Nea Olsson: Organized a meeting with the President Committee, Events for the spring, Meeting with Kylli, Contact with the Nordic Board
Filip Jägerrroos: Written a manual for Casa, Worked with the QR project, Meeting with the group responsible of the equality plan, Meeting with the group responsible of the Electrocal Policy revision
Axel Toukkari: Maintained Social Media, been in contact with Revolve, Genero, Sivututka, Suomen Digimarkkinointi and Web Weistömö about the website, Written an application to Tre Smeder
Other matters: Toukkari and Byman informs board about the application to Stiftelsen Tre Smeder for 10.000€ to support the new website.
The meeting ended at 4:08 pm