Meeting summary

Summary of Student Council meeting, 4/2017

Place: Teacher’s lounge at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki (Arkadiagatan 22)
and room 105 at Hanken School of Economics in Vasa (Bibloteksgatan 16).
Time: 8.5.2017 at 17.00
The meeting was opened by Student Council President Sofia Slotte at 17.02
The following matters were addressed at the meeting:
• A paragraph about the financial administration was added to the meeting
• Follow-up of the budget by Executive Board member Jens Nyström
• Decided how to manage financial recources
• Accepted the committée regulations
• The Executive Board will elect a president for the Masters´ committee
• The Executive Board will make a decision about the financial administration
Information and discussion:
• The Executive Board informed about their activity
The meeting was adjourned at 19.54