Meeting summary

Summary of board meeting 15/2017

Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu 7 A, II floor.

Time: 18.05.2017  at. 10.00



Karri Lumivirta
Petra Laiti
Alina Anderson
Tomas Granholm
Jens Nyström
Sofia Slotte
Marina Nygård

The meeting opened at. 10.01


The Executive Board decided the following during the meeting:

Kenneth Mattsson has been elected to Hankeit quarter (quarter 1/2017).


The following courses have been chosen for this year’s course:


This year’s language course in Helsinki: “5716-2 Suullinen yritysviestintä C, Mervi Vuolama-Ristola / Johanna Tanner”.


This year’s in-depth course in Helsinki: “22013 Managing Negotiations, Ville-Pekka Sorsa”.


This year’s language course in Vaasa: “5642-1-V Swedish as Mother tongue: Oral communication, Marina Bergström”.


This year’s in-depth course in Vaasa: “1711-V Profitability Assessment, Jesper Haga”.


The posts, ordinary member and deputy member in the university college, allocates vacant.


The election of the chairman of the central electoral committee is being remitted.


Marina Nygård, General Secretary, is granted the right to open a value account.


The Freshman Committee is granted 139.20 € in project grants.

Other matters:

The Board has discussed the report regarding the rowing competition that came to the Equality and Harassment Ombudsmen.

The meeting ended at. 10.42