Meeting summary

Summary of board meeting 26/2016

Place:  Hietaniemenkatu 7 B, 3rd floor.

Time: 19.10.2017 at. 14.00



Karri Lumivirta – Ordförande

Petra Laiti – medlem (närvarande till 12.21)

Alina Anderson – medlem

Tomas Granholm – medlem

Jens Nyström – medlem

Mia Palmgren – medlem

The meeting opened at. 14.00


The Executive Board decided the following during the meeting:

CN has been granted an exemption permit to use the fifth floor sauna from 21.10 until 22.10 at 14.00

Other matters:


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has invited to annual ball 23.11. Laiti and Lumivirta will participate.


Arkada Student Union has invited to the annual ball of 18.11. We are investigating the opportunity to participate.


Nylands Nation has invited to independence celebration 6.12. Nyström will participate if possible. how to recover corrupted files from pendrive

The meeting ended at. 14.04