Student Health service

Student health service

When you have paid the health care fee to Kela (35,80€ per term), you have the right to use the student health service. This means that you can visit any of their healthcare stations. For you who study at Hanken in Helsinki, your nearest healthcare stations are at Tölögatan 37 A in Helsinki or at Otnässvängen 12 in Espoo.

FSHS provides general, oral and mental health services for students. You can book an appointment by calling the healthcare station, please find out more about the numbers here:

FSHS also provides the Self service where you can check, book (if you have gotten permission to do so by a doctor) or rebook your appointments. It is recommended that you start using the Self service as soon as you have paid the health care fee to Kela. FSHS also has access to OmaKanta where all of your earlier medical history is saved (if you have an Finnish ID number) to make sure you get the best possible treatment.
For more information, please visit FSHS webpage: