The Student Council’s first fall meeting!

The Student Council will convene for its first fall meeting, Wednesday September 23rd starting at 5pm!

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, SHS closely follows the recommendations mandated by the government to reduce the spread of virus. Therefore this Student Council meeting will be held in a hybrid model, by participating virtually through the Microsoft Teams platform, or physically at the Auditorium Maxen at Hanken in Helsinki and V106 in Vaasa. These spaces have been chosen to ensure proper safety distances and access to proper hand hygiene.

The following will be discussed at the Student Council meeting:

  • Election of a new Inspector to the Student Union
  • Election of members to the Academic Council
  • Election of members to SYL’s General Assembly
  • Budget follow up of Q2
  • Discussion of the SHS Long Term Strategy
  • Election of members to SESS
  • Determine election dates for the annual Student Council election

As a member of the Student Union, you are entitled the right of presence to the Student Council’s meetings. Please email the Secretary General (gensek@shs.fi) how you wish to partake (virtually or physically).