The government’s plans to renew the housing benefit harms students heavily

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics (SHS) condemns the government’s plans to return to the student housing supplement. According to the government’s plans the student housing benefit in the future would at most be 260€ a month. In addition students will only get their housing benefit for months they also get student benefit, this means most students will not get housing benefit during summer. Compared to the level before 1.4.2024 students housing benefit can decrease in Helsinki with more than 3200€ a year and in Vaasa with more than 1900€ a year

The government argues that all decisions they have made are fair to all. Despite this, students have been hit the hardest during this government period. The fact that students are the only benefit takers in Finland that do not get their housing benefit during summer is illogical and unfair.

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo mentioned in the A-Studio on Tuesday 16 April that students should wait with their comments until the student benefit reform is finished. A potential increase in student benefit would not change the fact that students in Helsinki are the hardest hit by the introduction of the student housing supplement, as the rent levels in Helsinki are significantly higher than in the rest of Finland. Why are students the only benefit takers in Finland where regional differences in housing benefit is not taken into account?

SHS hopes that the government will take into account the higher rent levels of Helsinki when introducing the student housing supplement. In the future it should continuously be possible to study in the capital of Finland.

On behalf of The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics,

Jonatan Stenberg

Board Member, Academic and International Affairs

This statement is published on the SHS web page and has been sent directly by email to ministers and members of parliament.