Do you want to influence your language studies at Hanken? Then you have an excellent opportunity now, as the student union is seeking a new student representative (deputy) for the Language Directorate. You can study either at the Helsinki or Vaasa campus.

For the organization of language teaching, Hanken has a Center for Languages and Business Communication. The Language Center, in turn, has a board whose task is to draw up proposals for the curriculum, budget, performance agreements, and staffing plan for the Language Center.

The Language Center’s board consists of a program director (who also serves as chair), a representative from the Study and Admissions Unit, a student, and three teacher representatives.

As a student representative, you have the opportunity to directly influence your studies. Additionally, you’ll gain practice in meeting techniques and advocacy, the chance to expand your network within Hanken, and a prestigious role to add to your CV.

In exchange, you’re expected to participate in one to two meetings per month, inform the other student representatives about current issues, and be available for students who have questions and concerns about their studies.

The assignment begins immediately after the application period ends and the candidate is approved. The assignment ends on 31.12.2024, although it’s not necessary to serve the entire term.

Send a freely formulated application to no later than 28.4.2024 at 16:00. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Seize the opportunity to make a difference!

Victor Dahlberg

Educational Policy Officer in the SHS Board 2024, 0400322683