Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 13/2024


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 13/2024

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 3.4.2024 at 10.15


Sofie Eriksson, Jesper Rajakangas, Mats Lehto, Matias Monola, Linn Grönlund, Aliisa Lundén, Victor Dahlberg, Jonatan Stenberg, and Mathilda Lindblom

The meeting was opened at 10:15 by chairman Eriksson

Notification matters:

  • No notification matters.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided on the approval of the membership survey.
  • Decided on the Board’s proposal to the Council to approve the financial statements for 2023.

Other matters:

  • Rajakangas summarized SESS Board meeting
  • Eriksson announced that the application for CVN president was opened on the 3rd of April 2024 and is open until the 14th of April 2024.
  • The decision on participation on Aalto University Student Union’s annual ball was postponed to the meeting 14/2024




  • The board has had Easter vacation 28.3 – 1.4
  • Cleaned and organized Casa for the Casa 50 event.
  • Had coffee with the student union’s inspector Markus

Sofie Eriksson

  • Participated in the SESS board meeting 2/2024
  • Attended the Gulnäbbskommitté’s four-member council meeting
  • Attended the Freshers Committee’s three-member council meeting.
  • Wrote the Board’s proposal 2/24
  • Issues related to the financial statement and its annexes
  • Dealt with other matters related to financial management and disposal rights

Victor Dahlberg

  • Met with SSHV’s UPO
  • Been in contact with Hanken regarding the major subject evening
  • Considered a social media strategy for UU

Jonatan Stenberg

  • Participated in SYL international sector
  • Meeting about the EU-election debate
  • Meeting with World Student Capitals chair
  • Meeting with Oscar Byman about SHS advocacy
  • Planned program for Nordic Forum
  • Planned new furniture to Casas balcony
  • Written questions to the membership survey

Aliisa Lundén

  • Held Hanken Wellbeing Group’s 2/24 meeting
  • Finished the members survey
  • Planned the wellbeing week

Jesper Rajakangas

  • Established a collaboration with Metsä Group
  • Progressed in negotiations on contract extensions
  • Participated in Gekko’s four-man council meeting
  • Attended SESS board meeting 2/2024
  • Recycled old electronics from Kåren
  • Planned two corporate events for April

Linn Grönlund

  • Cleaning for Casa50
  • Casa50 planning
  • Vappu planning

Matias Monola

  • Casa 50 planning
  • Fixed new furniture for kåren from HankenSSE
  • Coordinated with KSO regarding Casa50
  • Managed the booking calendar
  • Coordinated a big trash container for the cleaning for Casa50

Mats Lehto

  • General management of SHS communication and social media
  • Updated SHS results for week 4 in the step meter (final week)
  • Sent out SHS Newsletter for April
  • Marketized the Gentlemen & Ladies’ Dinner
  • Assisted with cleaning tasks at the student union
  • Created user profiles for the SHS website