Meeting summary

Meeting abstract from the Student Council meeting 2/2024

Place: The staff room at Hanken in Helsinki, room V105 at Hanken in Vaasa, and the online
meeting platform Microsoft Teams
Time: Tuesday 20.2.2024 at 18:00-20:21
The meeting was opened by the vice chairman of the board, Philip Höstman, at 18:00
The council discussed the following matters during the meeting:

  • Election of chairman for the Gulnäbbskommittén 2024-2025
  • Election of chairman for Freshers 2024-2025
  • Decision on approval of the implementation plan
  • Decision on the distribution of the Student Union Activity Badge 2024
  • Distribution of scholarships for 2024 is noted for information

The meeting was concluded by the vice chairman of the council, Philip Höstman, at 20:21