Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 6/2024


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 6/2024

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, våning 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 14.2.2024 kl 10.15


Sofie Eriksson, Jesper Rajakangas, Mats Lehto, Matias Monola, Linn Grönlund, Victor Dahlberg, Mathilda Lindblom

The meeting was opened at 10:15 by chairman Eriksson

Notification matters:

  • Rajakangas notified that the board attended SYL opening seminar in Oulu

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Decided on participation in annual celebrations
  • Decided on the submission of the implementation plan proposal.




  • Attended the Introduction Seminar of the National Union of University Students (SYL) in Oulu
  • Presented the implementation plan at the Student Council Workshop 1/2024
  • Follow an exciting election night

Sofie Eriksson

  • Wrote a speech for SHS Solenna act
  • Handled financial issues with Axel
  • Participated in Studentbladets leadership seminar
  • Offered coffee in Kårens koppi
  • Compiled the board’s proposal 1/2024 to the council.
  • Represented SHS at Preemio ry’s annual ball in Kuopio.
  • Discussed questions about IB with SESS president 
  • Booked meetings with various external stakeholders

Victor Dahlberg

  • Participated in the Disciplinary Committee meeting
  • Participated in the Examination Committee meeting
  • Participated in the AoLQ meeting
  • Met with the Education Policy responsible from Vaasa
  • Planned the next meeting for the Education Committee
  • Launched the application for the Education Committee’s board
  • Written the speech for Lecturer of the Year.

Jonatan Stenberg

  • Participated in OLL education days
  • Held a EU-election debate meeting
  • Presented the policydocument to the student council
  • Meeting about the policydocumentet

Aliisa Lundén

  • Supervised International Helsinki days sitz
  • Held meeting with DEI committee
  • Planned the next meeting of the sopo committee

Jesper Rajakangas

  • Had a regular meeting with Hanken’s Corporate Relations
  • Represented SHS at Preemio’s 23rd Annual Ball 
  • Held the Business Committee’s meeting 4/2024
  • Coordinated and held sales meetings with Account Managers
  • Ordered zillis shirts for the board

Linn Grönlund

  • Further planned Casa 50
  • Been in contact with Hanken regarding bookings and collaboration
  • Offered coffee in Kårens koppi

Matias Monola

  • Represented SHS at Preemio’s 23rd Annual Ball 
  • Managed the booking calendar 
  • Coordinated with committees regarding new tenants in the building.

Mats Lehto

  • Supervised the International Helsinki Days’ sitz
  • Presented the board on social media
  • Represented SHS at Studentbladets leadership seminar
  • Worked on gaining administrator access to SHS Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Cleaned the website from old and non-relevant posts
  • General management of SHS communication
  • Participated in Hanken Digital Services Committee’s meeting