Apply for student representative in Board of Learners in the university alliance ENGAGE.EU!

Would you like to take part in an international network and influence your studies and advocate for the students’ interests at Hanken? SHS is now searching for two student representative (permanent members) to the Board of Learners within ENGAGE.EU for a term that lasts until 31.12.2025

What is ENGAGE.EU?

ENGAGE.EU is a consortium of nine leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens the set of skills and competences needed to tackle major societal challenges. ENGAGE.EU inspires active societal engagement in the current and future state of Europe – and beyond. Hanken is a member of ENGAGE.EU as of october 2024. 

What is Board of Learners?

Since learners from different backgrounds play a crucial role in ENGAGE.EU, a Board of Learners (BoL) was established with members from all participating universities. The BoL’s role is to exchange ideas, voice learners’ wishes and concerns in the ENGAGE.EU Board and Executive Committee, but also to advocate for inclusion and educational equity. The BoL consists of two to three members from each partner university and is involved in all aspects of ENGAGE.EU especially related to students and lifelong learners.

Why should I apply?

  1. Advocacy and Influence: As a student representative, you have the opportunity to voice the concerns, opinions, and ideas of your fellow students. This role allows you to actively contribute to decision-making processes and policies that directly impact the student body within the ENGAGE.EU alliance.
  2. Networking Opportunities and Global Perspective: You will have the chance to network with fellow student representatives, faculty members, and administrators from different universities within the alliance from all over Europe. This networking can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and friendships that can extend beyond your time as a student.
  3. Professional Growth & Skill Development: Being a student representative demonstrates your commitment to your education and your willingness to actively engage in the academic community. This can enhance your resume and make you stand out to future employers who value leadership and community involvement.
  4. Personal Connection to Hanken: Being a student representative strengthens your sense of connection and engagement with Hanken. It creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the academic environment in which you are learning and valuable connections within Hanken.

What is expected from you?

In exchange for the points mentioned above, the following things are expected from you: 

  1. Co-operate closely with Hanken to manage the tasks assigned to the Board of Learners. 
  2. Good knowledge of English.
  3. Actively speak up in international contexts where both university staff and students from the other universities meet.
  4. You are also expected to actively participate in about 1 meeting per month, inform the other student representatives about current issues and be there for students who may have questions regarding their programme.
  5. Participate in the Education Committee’s activities

How do I apply?

Please send a freely formulated application to on Tuesday 9.1.2024 12 pm at the latest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. The assignment starts immediately when the application time ends and the candidate is approved. The assignment ends 31.12.2025, however, it is not mandatory to sit the whole term

Take the chance to make a difference!

Axel Anderson

Educational affairs, SHS executive board 2023, 0440990316