Apply to Casa Nostra 2024

Join the adventure of a lifetime and become part of a wonderful community. Guaranteed to be the best thing you can do during your time at SHS. In Casa Nostra, the student union’s official entertainment committee, you get to help organize the best parties in the student union. In addition, we have several internal events and trips abroad. Casa Nostra is also SHS’s oldest committee with long-standing traditions. If you are a happy, social and party-oriented Hankeitâ„¢ – apply for Casa Nostra 2024.

The CN consists of five different teams: “Regering” – President, Vice President and Treasurer. PR – making posters, designing halo badges and organizing ticket releases. Program – decorate the hall for parties and create awesome programs for the parties. “Spritis” – provides thirst quenchers for guests in all circumstances. Kitchen – creating incredible taste experiences for the party people.

In your application, remember to tell us who, why you would be a good fit and what tasks interest you in CN. Please also attach a picture of yourself. Your application should also include your contact details, mainly phone number and email. Send your application to no later than 4.12.2023 (before midnight).

If you have any questions, they can be directed to CN 24’s President Malin Wallgren at or by phone +358443055988.

See you at the interview!