Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 23/2023


Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 

Time: 16.8.2023 kl 10.00-18.00


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Axel Anderson, Matilda Eriksson and Emilia Granqvist 

The meeting was opened at 10.00 by chairman Ruokonen

Notification matters:

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Fall meeting times. 
  • The Board opened positions for members to the SHS Delegation to on the student union’s website.
  • The Board granted a derogation to the EC.
  • Participation in the 83rd anniversary of Codex rf and the 87th anniversary of Prodeko ry.

Other matters:

  • Gulishankeiten is published!

The meeting was closed at 10.18 by chairman Ruokonen





  • Coordination of calendar with dates for the entire fall
  • Made an implementation plan for the sustainability strategy

Ville Ruokonen

  • Council of Fourmember on the new IK vice-president
  • Planning for the Board’s strategy day
  • Made a presentation of SHS to the freshman’s intro day.
  • Planning of the NHHS visit to Helsinki
  • Coordination with Beccy on the BISO visit
  • Coordination of meetings with key stakeholders
  • Clarified the situation regarding IB’s opening hours and activities
  • Contact with KY’s vice president regarding SHSG’s visit.
  • Contact with Hanken and the introduction days and enrolments
  • Preparations for Hanken’s Strategy Day

Axel Anderson

  • Coordinated dates with the chairs of the “tutor committees” regarding ombudsmen’a stuff.
  • Planned for the fall and read through the will to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done.

Emilia Öfverström

  • Familiarized myself with the SYL General Assembly and compiled documents
  • Wrote text for the website about the Expression of Interest for the SHS Delegation to the SYL General Assembly
  • Story material for Instagram about SYL and the delegation

Frida Winberg

  • Coordinated with Axel and Beccy regarding the ombudsmen meeting with the tutor presidents
  • Planned the program for the Ombudsmen at Gekkos Sveaborg event

Pauliina Haarala

  • Meeting with Hanken about HND
  • Planning with the Keynote speaker
  • Meeting with NU vice and planning for the upcoming fall
  • Contact & follow-up with partners

Rebecca Laaksonen

  • In contact with BISO regarding visit
  • Updated SHS Events calendar
  • Participated at Student Mobility Group-meeting
  • Planned element for the Board strategy day

Sami Multisilta

  • Managing the booking calendar
  • Coordinated cleaning
  • Coordination of third party bookings of Casa
  • Vacay in Norway

Matilda Eriksson

  • Planned material for shs moments for the coming week
  • Created material for some material for shs moments
  • Created new shs users and helped with logins
  • Started the next newsletter