Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 22/2023


Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 

Time: 9.8.2023 kl 10.01-10.24


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta, Axel Anderson, Matilda Eriksson, Emma Lindvall and Emilia Granqvist

The meeting was opened at 10:01 by chairman Ruokonen

Notification matters:

  • The Board is officially back after the summer
  • The SHS pride was a successful event despite the rainy weather.
  • The Union has received new schnapps and wine glasses.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Fall meeting times. 
  • The Board reopened the application for the post of student representative (deputy) to the Departamental Council for Marketing and Logistics in Helsinki.
  • The Board opened the position of student representative (regular) to the Departamental Council for Accounting and Commercial Law in Helsinki.
  • Participation in the 34th anniversary of Warrantti ry and the 27th anniversary of Laureamko ry.

Other matters:

  • No other matters

The meeting was closed at 10:24. by chairman Ruokonen




  • Attended Sasse’s summer party
  • Dinner together with NIORD
  • Participated in a two-day seminar together with other student unions from southern and central Finland (SEKSMYY meeting).
  • Participated in SHS Pride
  • Had a crayfish party together with CN
  • Summer vacation

Ville Ruokonen

  • Helped student union members with various issues during the summer.
  • Coordinated with board members their projects during the summer and acted as support.
  • Financial management of invoices
  • Attended the SESS meeting
  • Hanken Strategy 2030 Task Force meeting: Horrizon Scanning part 3
  • Fixed new ergonomic desks and chairs at the union together with Emilia.
  • Two administration regulation check – meetings on reviewing the revised document.
  • Meeting with ÅFK president and vice president
  • Attended UR meeting
  • Attended Hanken management team meeting
  • Planning meeting with VKO regarding strategies and board work
  • Wrote the bottom for the data protection notice
  • Participated in SEKSMYY and lobbied for the position of Swedish among the presidents.
  • Translation of SYL’s response to the government program
  • Meeting with Axel regarding new representatives to Hanken.
  • Acted as “gensek” during Emi’s vacation
  • Attended SHSUF meeting
  • Participated at FINEEC: auditing of Hanken: Final seminar
  • Coordinated the intro days program and presentations of SHS together with Beccy.
  • Cleaned and put away trash at the student union with Mati and Paukka
  • Helped with material for SHS Pride.
  • Gave an interview to the NIORD magazine
  • Meeting and writing work on the regulations of the badge and scholarship committee.
  • Coordination with NHHS President for their visit to Helsinki
  • Coordination with Beccy on SHSG’s visit together with KY.

Axel Anderson

  • Coordinated and arranged for UU’s Stockholm excursion
  • meeting with Board of Learners (elected board + officers)
  • meeting with Hanken
  • Wrote two texts for gulishankeiten 
  • Wrote UU greeting to Gulisnötte
  • Meeting with Ville regarding new representatives to Hanken’s body

Emilia Öfverström

  • Organised the fifth and last ibu meeting of the spring.
  • Attended the WSC spring meeting
  • Fixed new ergonomic desks and chairs at the union together with Ville.
  • Participated in SEKSMYY and pushed for our initiative.
  • Presentation about the student union for staff exchange from Vienna.
  • Booked a visit to the Finnish Parliament on 29 September at 9.45 with IBU.
  • Wrote IBU’s text for Gulishankeiten 
  • Had a lunch meeting with Emi and Mikaela from HUS regarding the initiative on multilingualism.
  • Helped with material for SHS Pride.
  • Trained Jenni as CVN’s new chairperson.
  • Been in contact with Morgan to make sure that CVN and the election committee in Vaasa cooperate
  • Modified the student ambassador advert

Frida Winberg

  • Attended Hanken’s gender equality meeting
  • Been in contact with Folkhälsan regadring pride
  • Wrote three texts to the Gulishankeit
  • Coordinated the SHS pride
  • Signed the initiative for the changing of names in systems like Moodle and Sisu
  • Planned and booked the third HVMG meeting (A group with people from HAnken and SHS that talk about topics related to student wellness)

Pauliina Haarala

  • Participated in SEKSMYY
  • Written a text to gulishankeiten
  • Accepted the overall offer
  • Decided on the timetable for the overall project
  • Answered to questions from our partners
  • Cleaning and taking trash our at the student union with Ville and Mati

Rebecca Laaksonen

  • Meeting with KO regarding strategies and board work
  • Supported Frida’s work with Pride (nakkilista + logistics for party)
  • meeting with Board of Learners (elected presidents + responsibles)
  • meeting with Hanken
  • Meeting regarding Stadirundan with organisers
  • Investigated Hanken’s business contacts in academic courses for students and compiled a report on the current situation + suggestions for improvement regarding SISU.
  • Planned kick-off meeting for the songbook
  • Booked the student union fair, student union talk and student union song night.
  • Preparations for the SMG meeting

Sami Multisilta

  • Alcohol free patches fixed
  • Casa floor is in the goal
  • Taken care of the booking calendar
  • Called in pump maintenance for the corpse door
  • Fixed all casa related things and stuff during summer
  • Nakitted people to clean after themselves
  • Been on the summer break (golf)

Matilda Eriksson

  • Cleared the fridge & cleaned up the union for the summer.
  • Attended two meetings on the UNIFI seminar 
  • Participated in the SEKSMYY seminar
  • Meeting with Hanken’s digitalisation committee
  • Wrote the board’s text for Gulishankeiten
  • Fixed and helped with SHS users 
  • Meetings on the administrative regulations
  • Presentation on the Student Union for staff exchange from Vienna
  • Attended meeting with Hanken’s sustainability group 
  • Updated SHS logo for pride 
  • Produced and published material on shsmoments during pride month.
  • Kept an eye on SHS social media 
  • Cleaned and removed rubbish from the student union with Ville and Paukka.
  • Updated the SOME- calendar for the autumn