Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 19/2023


Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 

Time: 17.5.2023 kl 10.00


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta, Matilda Eriksson, Rebecca Laaksonen and Emilia Granqvist

The meeting was opened at 10:00 by chairman Ruokonen

Notification matters:

  • SHS won the Suomen Ekonomit’ Biz Potential competition.
  • Our Secretary General has participated in the Akava Flora Day.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The Board announced the vacancy of the deputy student representative (Helsinki) in the Departmental Council for Marketing and Logistics.
  • The Board decided on the election of members of the CVN.
  • The Board approved project grants
  • The Board granted an exemption for the use of the SHS logo in connection with Pride.

Other matters:

  • Boardmember Haarala announces that the fleece-merch has been taken to the printers.

The meeting was closed at 10:36 by chairman Ruokonen 




  • Participated in the Hanken Day
  • Participated in Student Council meeting 5/2023
  • Met with Unisport management
  • Finalize the document between SHS and Hanken

Ville Ruokonen

  • Gave an interview to Yle TV 5 about students’ views in the government negotiations
  • Had a meeting/ Horizon Scanning with Hanken’s working group for Strategy 2030.
  • Organized a wine evening for Codex, Thorax, TF and Studorg’s presidents at the union.
  • Four-member council meeting: IHD vice president
  • Wrote greetings to Nötte
  • Wrote the board’s quarterly greeting to SHSUF
  • Made the spring recap instagram pin post together with Mati
  • Financial management
  • Contact with Hanken regarding the ekonombrevsutdelning
  • Updated the Student Union 101 training for the gekko training.

Axel Anderson

  • Planned and held the fourth and final UU meeting of the spring.
  • Attended the Teaching Evaluation Committee’s (TEC) sample lecture. 
  • Discussed SYL’s digivision with Emilia.
  • Coordinated and planned the comfort bun with the help of Matilda and Pauliina.
  • Continued planning of UU’s Stockholm excursion
  • Held Feedback forum

Emilia Öfverström

  • Discussed SYL’s digivision with Axel
  • Wrote about the SHS nomination to the SYL delegation for development cooperation 
  • Held Feedback forum
  • Made the IBU’s annual clock 
  • Planned the last IBU meeting
  • Been in contact with HöPo 21,22 regarding WSC planning day and autumn

Frida Winberg

  • Held Feedback forum
  • Had a meeting with Hanken regarding prioritization of support services
  • Planned and held sopo meeting 4
  • Participated in a workshop day with the Växthus project.

Pauliina Haarala

  • Organized last BC event for spring semester with Balmuir
  • Continued the recruitment process to for BC
  • Secured 1 keynote speaker for HND
  • Particpated in the educational committee meeting
  • Helped axel to organize comfort bun
  • Continued with overall project

Rebecca Laaksonen

  • Attended UU meeting
  • Meeting with SASSE to benchmark their MSc intro week together with the MC President
  • Supervised the EC Farewell Dinner
  • Planned interview questions for SHS songbook
  • Initiated the SHS Songbook interviews
  • Attended the four-member council meeting
  • Planned elements for the Student Union 101 programme
  • Created budget for the SU actives’ retreat

Sami Multisilta

  • Coordinated the booking calendar
  • General tinkering

Matilda Eriksson

  • Helped Axel to organise the comfort bun.
  • Participated in UU meeting
  • Planned student kårsemi and made the fb event
  • Booked a bus to kårsemi
  • Made and started the spring term’s presentations on instagram
  • Participated in Hanken’s digital service committee meeting, discussed among other things. AI 
  • Made and published material on shsmoments