Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 18/2023


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 18/2023

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 & Microsoft Teams

Time: 10.5.2023 kl 10.00


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta, Axel Anderson, Matilda Eriksson, Rebecca Laaksonen, Emma Lindvall and Emilia Granqvist

The meeting was opened at 10:03 by chairman Ruokonen

Notification matters:

  • No notification matters

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • The Executive Board vacated a seat as a substitute for the student representative in the Education Council and the Academic Council UR/AR.
  • The Executive Board appointed the Hankeit of the Quarter
  • The Executive Board selected the SHS nomination for the SYL’s development cooperation advisory board
  • The Executive Board decided on a special permit for Casa Nostra

Other matters:

  • KSO has expressed that they think they can use the new tables because they are stored in common areas and because they have not broken any tables.
  • SHS has received chairs and pegs as a gift 

The meeting was closed at 11.05 by chairman Ruokonen 




  • Met with MK and SSHV boards in Turku.
  • Strategy day vol 6: review of Q1-2, strategies for Q3-4

Ville Ruokonen

  • Attended SYL johdon seminaari for 2 days
  • Attended Ekonomit Federal Assembly
  • Preparations for the Federal Assembly
  • Participated in Turun Seudun Ekonomit’s annual ball
  • Participated in Hanken’s management team meeting in Vaasa
  • Planned Gensek summer project
  • Reflections on UR meeting
  • Gave an interview to HBL about the Casa House and the 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Gave an interview to Studentbladet about the new English-language bachelor’s program.
  • Meeting with Kylli
  • Had a second meeting with the revision group for the meeting of the Awards and Scholarship Board.
  • Reviewed the administrative law for the administrative regulations

Axel Anderson

  • Submitted a nomination of Pia Polsa for the Ekonomit’s Teaching Award 2023.
  • Planned the fourth UU (University Teaching and Learning Forum) meeting of the year.
  • Attended a KOPOLIVE event about Europe Day featuring Ville Niinistö.
  • Prepared for the Feedback Forum.
  • Had an onboarding meeting with TEC (Teaching Evaluation Committee) ahead of the first test lecture of the year.

Emilia Öfverström

  • Meeting with the sustainability working group 
  • Worked on the sustainability strategy 
  • Worked on the revision of the equality documents
  • Wrote the working group’s proposed changes to the equality policy document and equality plan together with Frida.
  • Wrote a commentary (in Swedish and English) on multilingualism and interpretation for SYL.
  • Translated and continued writing the SHS statement about Bachelor in Business.
  • Participated in Kopolive about Europe Day ft Ville Niinistö
  • Prepared for Feedback forum 
  • Recruited for IBU and CVN 
  • Acted as contact person to nominate a candidate from SHS to the SYL delegation for development cooperation.
  • Read and reflected on the SYL Digivisio 2030 (which was not available in Swedish or English).

Frida Winberg

  • Worked on the revision of the equality documents
  • Wrote the working group’s proposed changes to the equality policy document and equality plan together with Emilia.
  • Participated in Syl’s Sopo sector days
  • Continued presenting SupportStudents on instagram
  • Prepared for Feedback forum 

Pauliina Haarala

  • Recruited for BC
  • Coordinated the event with BC and Balmuir
  • Coordinated Hanken Network Day
  • Started the planning of the overall project, prices, materials, etc.
  • Reminded our partners to pay their invoices

Rebecca Laaksonen

  • Participated in University Collegium meeting at Hanken
  • Written the SHS Sustainability strategy 2023-2025 with Emilia and Matilda
  • Planned and held the inaugural meeting of Casa 50- task force
  • Updated the SHS Events – calendar
  • Planned structure and content of the next Casa 50-meeting

Sami Multisilta

  • Coordination of the booking calendar
  • Doors and locks has been fixed
  • Possible casa renting upcoming
  • Message exchange with the KSO

Matilda Eriksson

  • Meeting with the sustainability working group 
  • Worked on and submitted the sustainability strategy. 
  • Wrote text against the cancellation of the ekonombrevsutdelningen
  • Made a new template for SHS for Hanken’s infoTV.
  • Been in contact with Greencup regarding snaps & wine glasses.
  • Made and published material for shsmoments social media.
  • Reviewed the archives law for the administrative regulations