Meeting summary

Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 16/2023


Summary of the Executive Board’s meeting 16/2023

Place: SEB- Sanduddsgatan 7A, floor 2 

Time: 26.4.2023 kl 9:03-10:05


Ville Ruokonen, Frida Winberg, Emilia Öfverström, Pauliina Haarala, Sami Multisilta, Axel Anderson, Matilda Eriksson, Emma Lindvall and Emilia Granqvist

The meeting was opened at 9:03 by chairman Ruokonen

Notification matters:

  • The board has used the bio-trashcan in the case kitchen during the UF-dinner and it worked well.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Discussion on SHS participation at Pride
  • Elected the Chair of the Central Election Committee for 2023
  • Representatives for Enklaavis Annual Ball  was chosen

Other matters:

  • The TES agreement for student union employees has been renewed.

The meeting was closed at 10:05. by chairman Ruokonen




  • Attended the topboard meeting
  • Attended the Herr & Dam sitzs and hosted Sasse’s Board
  • Watched CN – PU football match
  • Traveled to Stockholm together with Sasse’s board
  • Organized SHSUF spring meeting dinner

Ville Ruokonen

  • Attended the kylteripuheenjohtajein verkosto meeting. 
  • Quarterly meetings with various board members
  • Strategy meeting with Beccy
  • Four-member council meeting with ÅFK regarding the deputy position
  • Meeting with INK chairman Hulda regarding the mailing of Hankeiten to the former chairpersons.
  • Wrote board’s greeting to Hankeiten 2/23
  • Enonomy management in the form of cash management
  • Attended UF spring meeting
  • Coordinated SHSUF spring meeting dinner arrangements
  • Lunch meeting with Aalto University Student Union President regarding strategic views.

Axel Anderson

  • Participated in a demonstration for mental well-being among students outside House of the Estates on “Student Mental Health Day”
  • Represented at the Akademiska sångföreningen’s 185th anniversary celebration
  • Meeting with SSHV’s educational policy responsible to stay up-to-date with what is happening at respective study locations
  • Meeting with HaBa taskforce on the progress of the english bachelor’s program
  • Planned and organized the major subject evening for first-year students.

Emilia Öfverström

  • Participated in the OLL Friday coffee
  • Writing feedback to the OLL strategy group

Frida Winberg

  • Participated in a demonstration for student mental well-being outside the House of Estates during “Student Mental Health Day”.
  • Benchmarked the equality documents of other institutions
  • Supervised Herr och Dam
  • Attended the Unisport management team’s induction session
  • Designed and put up posters of the equality and harassment representatives in the school to increase visibility.

Pauliina Haarala

  • Participated in a demonstration for mental well-being among students outside House of the Estates on “Student Mental Health Day”
  • Participated and helped to organize an excursion together with BearingPoint and SSHV and hosted SSHV on Femman.
  • Got a no for a lot of vappen spons
  • Coordinated Hanken Network Day
  • Participated and helped organize an event with NU and EY in the business lab.

Rebecca Laaksonen

  • Participated in SYL demonstration
  • Had conversations with Ville
  • Planned singing evening with PK
  • Answered questions via email
  • Participated in UUs event for freshies
  • Discussed Masters’ intro with Hanken
  • Done vappen-related tasks

Sami Multisilta

  • Coordinated booking calendar
  • Quarterly discussion with Ville

Matilda Eriksson

  • Attended the Hanken sustainability group meeting
  • Participated in a demonstration for mental well-being among students outside House of the Estates on “Student Mental Health Day”
  • Had quarterly talks with Ville 
  • Continued on the May newsletter
  • Asked for update on the sustainable cups 
  • Made  FB events and material for Vappen
  • Planned and published material on SHS different channels